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Cafeína. La cafeína puede encontrarse en cantidades variables en las semillas, las hojas y los frutos de algunas plantas, donde actúa como un pesticida natural que paraliza y mata ciertos insectos que se alimentan de las plantas.


Es consumida por los humanos principalmente en infusiones extraídas del fruto de la planta del café y de las hojas del arbusto del té, así como también en varias bebidas y alimentos que contienen productos derivados de la nuez de cola. Otras fuentes incluyen la yerba mate, el fruto de la Guaraná y el acebo de Yaupón. En los humanos, la cafeína es un estimulante del sistema nervioso central que produce un efecto temporal de restauración del nivel de alerta y eliminación de la somnolencia. Las bebidas que contiene cafeína, tales como el café, el té, algunas bebidas no alcohólicas (especialmente los refrescos de cola) y las bebidas energéticas gozan una gran popularidad. La cafeína es la sustancia psicoactiva más ampliamente consumida en el mundo. Historia[editar] [editar] Caffeine Candy, Caffeine Mints, Caffeinated Snacks, and even Caffeine Soap!

Caffeinated Candy. Caffeine - A Legal Performance Booster. Caffeine Powder Shipping info & Instructions - Free shipment worldwide. Buy 100% Pure and genuine Caffeine Powder. Buy Caffeine powder Pure Koffein...Pharmaceutical grade caffiene powder in bulk. More Huge SAVINGS on Pure Pharmaceutical grade caffeine powder below... 2 Kilos bulk caffeine too large...then check out these other great bargains...

Buy Caffeine powder Pure Koffein...Pharmaceutical grade caffiene powder in bulk

HURRY! Limited time only... Cheap Pure Caffeine Powder Extract. Common brand names: Keep Alert, No Doz, Vivarin Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant drug used as an aid to stay awake, for mental alertness due to fatigue, and as an adjunct with other drugs for pain relief.

Cheap Pure Caffeine Powder Extract

Caffeine Facts. A typical lethal dose of caffeine is 10 grams, although people have survived up to 24g.

Caffeine Facts

A shot of espresso has 100mg. So unless you have unusual tolerance, it ought to take a nice round 100 shots, or say 50 double cappucinos, to get to that big cafe in the sky. According to the National Soft Drink Association, the following is the caffeine content in mgs per 12 oz can of soda: Jolt 100.0 Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb 58.8 Mountain Dew 55.0 (no caffeine in Canada) Diet Mountain Dew 55.0 Mello Yellow 52.8 Tab 46.8 Coca-Cola 45.6 Diet Cola 45.6 Shasta Cola 44.4 Shasta Cherry Cola 44.4 Shasta Diet Cola 44.4 Mr.

Caffeine shot 'can reduce mistakes at work' By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 09:30 GMT, 12 May 2010 Performance enhancer: Research has shown a shot of caffeine could reduce errors at work A shot of caffeine can reduce potentially disastrous mistakes made by drowsy shift workers, research has shown.

Caffeine shot 'can reduce mistakes at work'

People who work unsocial hours or through the night may suffer a form of 'jet lag' due to disruption of their body clock rhythms. As a result they can become very sleepy when working and prone to mishaps. How to Make Caffeine Jello Shots. As an alternative to using caffeine powder, you can make your caffeinated shots with an energy drink.

How to Make Caffeine Jello Shots

Choose a gelatin flavor that complements the flavor of your energy drink. 1Pour 1 cup of the energy drink or your choice into a saucepan. 2Pour the gelatin over the liquid and allow it to bloom for 1 to 2 minutes. 3Heat the gelatin mixture over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring the mixture with a whisk. 4Add the additional 1 cup of energy drink, stirring to combine. 5Place 15 2-ounce (60 ml) shot glasses on a cookie sheet. 6Ladle the gelatin into the shot glasses, dividing the mixture evenly between each glass. 7Refrigerate them for 2 to 4 hours before serving them cold.

Ad. Getting your caffeine buzz started in the shower. As the Ars team convenes for two days of meetings in Chicago, we're reaching back into the past to bring you some of our favorite articles from years gone by.

Getting your caffeine buzz started in the shower

Ah, sweet, sweet caffeine. Whether your chosen delivery device is a Triple Red Eye from Starbucks or a liter of Mountain Dew, nothing beats the gentle jolt into full wakefulness provided by the humble C8H10N4O2 molecule. Oral delivery by means of caffeinated liquids has long been the preferred method of getting one's caffeine buzz on. In a cruel twist of fate, some people are unable to brew a pot of coffee, order a latte, or figure out how to open a can of Mountain Dew right after waking up, due to that very same lack of caffeine. Caffeine Article, Caffeinated Drinks Information, Caffeine Facts. Written by T.R.

Caffeine Article, Caffeinated Drinks Information, Caffeine Facts

Reid Over and over, the throbbing chorus of a dance hit explodes out of a battery of seven-foot-tall (2.1-meter-tall) speakers so powerful that the wood dance floor trembles, earthquake style, with every reverberating bass note. Through a purple haze of smoke and sweat the strobe lights' red glare illuminates the dancing couples: men with mohawks and painted faces, women in vinyl skirts so micro they serve no functional purpose. Caffeine Addiction Is a Mental Disorder, Doctors Say. January 19, 2005 Question: What do heroin addicts who receive a daily dose of methadone have in common with people who feel they cannot function without that morning cup of caffeine?

Caffeine Addiction Is a Mental Disorder, Doctors Say

Answer: They are tending to their addiction—keeping the physical devils of drug withdrawal at bay.