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Encyclopédies et Dictionnaires. Citizendium. Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! Encyclopédie en ligne gratuite. Resources and References for Mathematica and Other Wolfram Products. Encyclopedia.

JurisPedia. Désencyclopédie. Encyclopédie du savoir relatif et absolu. Biographies. Wikibooks. How to do anything. ANIMAUX. Wiki communities for everyone! e-Print archive.

Encyclopedia of Life - Animals - Plants - Pictures & Information. Welcome to Citizendium - Citizendium. L'Internaute. Encyclopedia Encydia - Wikilingue. Imago Mundi.

Encyclopédie Universalis. Encyclopédie de L'Agora. Wikipedia Alternatives - 47 Websites You Can Use Instead of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is perhaps the most popular reference site online, with millions of high quality articles available on virtually any topic.

Wikipedia Alternatives - 47 Websites You Can Use Instead of Wikipedia

However, there are limits to what Wikipedia can offer. Here are 47 Wikipedia alternatives you can use to find information, research a paper, get quick answers, and much more. 1. The American Presidency Project. L’encyclopédie pour enfants écrite par les enfants - Wikimini.

Vikidia. Encyclopédie contributive Larousse en ligne - Accueil. Encyclopedia Mythica. L'Encyclopédie Médiévale.