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Amazing Architecture: 15 (More!) World's Weirdest Buildings | Design + Ideas on WU. Amazing Architecture: 15 (More!) World’s Weirdest Buildings Article by Elizah, filed under Offices & Commercial in the Architecture category. Reflecting their creators’ desire to step far, far away from the sheepish architectural clones that our culture has grown to accept as “normal”, these outstanding structures are among the unique global jewels that convey a quirky sense of personality tucked within an even more wackadoodle shell. While it may be hip to be square, these slightly left of center buildings demonstrate that marching to the beat of one’s own drummer – whether you’re of the animal, vegetable, mineral or architectural persuasion – is actually a whole lot more fun. Ferdinand Cheval’s Le Palais Idéal or “Ideal Palace” (Hauterives, France) (Images via: Nobiwan, The Bodacious Belgrade Blog, Arts Library) Waldspirale (Darmstadt, Germany) (Images via: Pakway, Memucan, Germany Tourism, CheapOstay) Eliphante (Cornville, Arizona) The Ice Hotel (Jukkasjarvi, Sweden) Grand Lisboa (Macao)

Earthbag Building Index. 上海地图,上海市地图,上海电子地图,上海三维地图,上海公交地图,上海交通地图_E都市. Rapid Prototyping for Microcontrollers. Near Future Laboratory. A world of tweets. Living in a Shell – Nautilus House. World's Leading Youth Culture Research Site | PYMCA. Easy Domes. Cardboard Domes - Homepage: Constructing Cardboard Geodesic Domes That Will Survive Burning Man and the Black Rock Desert. Dome Home Gallery of Pictures and Articles. When it comes to homes, Monolithic does not believe in one size or one style fits all. Your Monolithic Dome home can be everything you need and everything you want in the home of your dreams. It can be small and cozy or spacious and luxurious; one-storied or multistoried; at ground level, totally underground or earth-bermed; built in virtually any location and environment. Flexibility is the key idea behind our home designs.

The interior of your Monolithic Dome home can be partitioned into rooms or areas that fit your needs and wants. Moreover, that inside space can include just about anything — indoor swimming pool or sauna, game or exercise room, theater, separate apartment, office, home-based business, home-based school, etc. Because a Monolithic Dome is so well built and insulated, your home will be energy-efficient, disaster-proof, virtually maintenance free, durable and cost-efficient. To read More About the Monolithic Dome Home, click here! Research never ends at Monolithic. International Dome House. Styrofoam dome homes ::: Pink Tentacle. Styrofoam dome houses at Aso Farm Land (Photo by: Erika Snyder) While styrofoam may be most commonly associated with disposable coffee cups, meat trays and packaging, prefab home manufacturer Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. uses it to construct easy-to-assemble modular kit homes.

Dubbed the "habitat for the 21st century," the Dome House is an igloo-shaped structure built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam (styrofoam). It might seem like an odd choice of material for a house, but the company lists a number of advantages that styrofoam has over traditional materials.

Unlike wood and metal structures, for example, the styrofoam Dome House does not rust, rot or attract termites. Dome House interior The styrofoam used in the Dome House's 175-millimeter (7 in) thick walls is significantly denser and stronger than ordinary packing foam. Construction of the Dome House shell is quick and easy. Aso Farm Land Styrofoam dome bar Styrofoam dome steam room. Buying, Designing and Building Cargo Container Homes. How To: Buy, Design or Build DIY Cargo Container Homes Article by Steve, filed under Houses & Residential in the Architecture category. What’s involved in buying, designing and building cargo container homes that are more than just art projects?

Cargo container homes are a perfect example of thinking outside the box while living inside one, but thinking is one thing and doing is another. Careful planning is required before building and moving in. (image via: Midwest Storage Containers) There are several fun and practical reasons to live in a cargo container home. First of all, it’s cheaper for a shipping company to buy new containers than to transport empty ones back to the origin, creating a stockpile of containers in port areas that container home builders in the right place at the right time can obtain for the right price. (image via: Sea Box and American Mobile Office) Finding a cargo container isn’t all that difficult.

(image via: LOT-EK) (image via: Shedworking) (image via: LOT-EK) NeoVictorian Computing. Everyone saw the focus, the insistence, and the scorn for bozos – for people who were happy enough to get by. What people always missed about Jobs at Apple was the agile mind, able and eager to shift from the inside to the outside and back again. Apple was not saved by design or innovation. What saved Apple is the constantly iterated shift from design to execution, from surface to depth, from style to science and back again. Jobs learned from bad times but did not let bad times shape him. The original iMac, Steve’s machine, was Bondi Blue. Apple built the iMac into a nice little business, and then wrecked its own business with laptops.

Mac OS was clearly a better UI package than its competitors. The dramatic shifts – abandoning floppies, abandoning Pascal and OpenDoc and Java, embracing virtual memory, abandoning the PowerPC, abandoning CDs – masked a steady reengineering of everything. Look at the Apple stores. Everyone knew that companies should build on their core competency.

A Low Impact Woodland Home.