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HOW TO: Make infrared goggles. Remove the IR reflective coating. Looking at the coated side of the hot mirror, it seemed to be thin and delicate, scratching if gently touched.

Remove the IR reflective coating

Not so. It's an absolute pig to remove. I decided that I would use a slighty abrasive paint renovator cream made by Auto Glym to try and polish it off. This is a petroleum based cream containing fine aluminium oxide powder. It's used to remove the oxidised layer of paint from car body work prior to waxing. At first I used a small amount of cream on a piece of kitchen paper to gently rub the coating. The coating was holding out very well so I decided that a plastic based kitchen scourer might be a bit more pursuasive. So don't be afraid, the glass won't scratch as long as you stick to using the aluminium oxide based renovator cream that I used. You will also need to get a visible light blocking filter that allows IR through. Radioshack Infrared receiver Arduino. I recently came across the need to read some IR signals from my universal remote.

Radioshack Infrared receiver Arduino

Having hacked around with IR in the past, I had an idea of what I was looking for so I stopped by RadioShack and found one of these: Radioshack 38khz IR receiver module A Brief Overview of IR The idea behind transmission of data over infrared is dirt simple. Reading about it just reminds me of how overly-complicated some communication protocols have become. Sony IR protocol source: Here you can see that the 1 corresponds to a 1.2 millisecond pulse and the 0 a 0.6 millisecond pulse. “IR light is everywhere. The light coming from the transmitter is modulated at a very high frequency, usually between 38kHz and 40 kHz. The Radioshack module This thing was extremely easy to hook up. Arduino connected to IR module. Making an IR object tracking system. In an earlier tutorial on IR object detection sensors I mentioned that they could be used for object tracking.

Making an IR object tracking system

Now I show you how and my progress so far. I've also posted a challenge based on object tracking to squirt pets with a waterpistol. Object tracking with these sensors is more complicated than object detection so I'm going to try and explain it in more detail here including problems I've had as this is still a work in progress. I got the idea for this system after reading Mintvelt's post on "smooth object tracking". Frits also had a hand in inspiring this idea with his Amanda LDR of which this is basically an IR version. The theory: The method of tracking used here is very simple. My success: This was my prototype object tracker. The tracking software reads the ambiant light and then turns on the IR LEDs to read the refected light. My failures: After the success of this tracker I decided to make a larger dual axis tracker with greater range! This design still has problems. Infrared LED Communication - - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and Projects.

There are plenty of methods to allow your gadgets to communicate wirelessly: Bluetooth, radio frequencies, and of course, IR LEDs just to name a few. Today we’ll teach you how to use IR LEDs as communication devices for your projects.

Infrared LED Communication - - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and Projects.

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but can be picked up by cameras. This tutorial has some simple circuits and explanations.Johnny Lee has plenty of fantastic videos using IR LEDs for communication using the WiiMote.Each button on a universal remote emits a unique, rapid pulsation of IR light. You can capture these codes and use them to control an Arduino. “If code 100111001 then blink pin 12.”Further info can also be found here and here too. The HacknMod Store sells IR LEDs!

A better diy infrared filter - Take stunning digital IR pictures, and video footage. Take Infrared Pictures With Your Digital Camera. Robot Magazine: Scribbler Robot's IR Capabilities.