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Research Basis of SOAR® The following information is organized to match the sections of the SOAR® program and details the educational research that supports each section.

Research Basis of SOAR®

SOAR® Section 1 How Are You Smart? Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences1 This theory establishes the premise that all students have talents, even if they have not historically experienced success in school. Top 10 des applications e-learning open source 2011 - IT & Open Source : questions précises et réponses vagues. 3modeles. Exploiter Facebook en plate-forme E-learning pour les langues. Game Based Learning on Education and Action Training. "We talk about creative learning.

Game Based Learning on Education and Action Training

However, all learning involves some form of destruction, some form of creation and/or particular co-creation...(…) Learn to create, learn how to create disruptions, learning to create innovation, learning to live together to collaborate. But if Learning and Technology, together, can build and host its core in the destructive potential of creativity and, by extension, of the collaboration, the need for meaning in all this is imperative. It is crucial to making sense of all forms of learning: informal, formal, not formal. " Roberto Carneiro in Conference Book Creative Learning & Innovation: 2009. Forum français pour la formation ouverte et à distance. Designing for learning. Alexandre LACOUR – Chef de projet informatique et formation. Notion d'Exclusivité. Droit et EPN, le Jeu ! Un kit pour l’auto-formation des médiateurs du numérique sous forme de BD interactive.

Mythbusting the “Digital Natives” Contenu e-learning pour support mobile : questions clés. Elearning job - List. Slideshare. Instructional Design. Un nouvel élan pour Skolanet : Skolanet e-learning. Guild eBooks: 162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools. December 18, 2007 The eLearning Guild asked members for their favorite tips for using software for the creation of e-Learning.

Guild eBooks: 162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools

Members could submit tips in any or all of the following five categories: Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools Rapid e-Learning tools Simulation tools Media tools Combining and deploying authoring tools A total of 122 members responded to the survey, contributing 162 usable tips. 100 Mobile Tools for Teachers. By Cherrye Moore It is a common-known fact that teaching is a labor of love for most educators. They are overworked and under-appreciated and many of them spend their own money, time and energy to improve their students’ education. With all of the new mobile tools on the market today, teachers can more easily work from satellite locations, share educational resources and access school-related data directly from their cell phones. Here are 100 mobile tools for teachers that make the grade.

Educational Research Tools. TIC et FOAD. Le QR code outil d’aide à la formation? The 100 Best (And Free) Online Learning Tools. We’re always excited to find the next best thing.

The 100 Best (And Free) Online Learning Tools

But how does one actually find this supposed next best thing? Let Edudemic do the work for you! For example, ever wanted to spend zero dollars but have some of the most bleeding edge technologies at your disposal? Fear not! Guild eBooks: Handbook on Synchronous e-Learning. January 16, 2007 The eLearning Guild’s Handbook on Synchronous e-Learning is intended for anyone who wants to produce, lead, or promote live, interactive learning events on the Web.

Guild eBooks: Handbook on Synchronous e-Learning

Novices will find information on what other people are doing in this medium, which kinds of training and education are best suited to it, how to convert existing classroom content for delivery online, how to lead effective and compelling live learning events on the Web, and how to promote these events to obtain maximum participation. More experienced practitioners will find a wealth of ideas that they can use to improve or enhance their current processes.

Video: A Brief History of Tech in Education #edtech – eLearning Blog Dont Waste Your Time. E-learning pour la formation des formateurs. Open Source LMS – 10 Alternatives to Moodle. Since the economic downturn began I’ve noticed much more interest in open source Learning Management Systems (LMS), and it’s no surprise that when people ask what the options are, the answer is usually Moodle.

Open Source LMS – 10 Alternatives to Moodle

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Moodle, but it certainly isn’t the only open source LMS out there. Because there is no licensing cost involved with open source solutions, its easy for organisations to just jump in and set up the first solution that comes along. Les outils web 2.0 comme vecteurs d’apprentissage. Offre-090911 - Signus - exemple. Guide scénarisation pédagogique. 100 Reasons to Mind Map.

Outils pour l'elearning/fad

LMS-LCMS. Totara Feature close-up: Competency Frameworks. Totara is a new custom distribution of Moodle.

Totara Feature close-up: Competency Frameworks

Set to revolutionise the LMS market, it builds on the great base of Moodle and adds a whole range of enterprise features. This month we look in detail at the Competency Frameworks feature in Totara. Totara provides an administrative interface for creating sets of competencies called frameworks. Once created, competencies can be assigned to positions, used to create development plans and make it possible to track which of your staff are competent in particular areas. Hierarchy. Let's Start a Learning Revolution. Learning 3.0. 5 Innovative Ways to Teach Your Skills Online.

The Global Innovation Series is supported by BMW i, a new concept dedicated to providing mobility solutions for the urban environment.

5 Innovative Ways to Teach Your Skills Online

It delivers more than purpose-built electric vehicles — it delivers smart mobility services. Visit bmw-i.com or follow @BMWi on Twitter. Through projects like Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare and University of the People, the Internet has made it easier for anyone to be a student. 10 usages des QR Code pour une nouvelle dimension de vos formations. ITworldEdu 2011 Award: Rewarding best educational technology solutions developed and applied in schools and companies. Within the ITworldEdu 2011, the fourth edition of the Great Meeting Point towards Excellence in Educational Technology, the ITworldEdu Award is announced aiming the next goals : Recognizing the growing effort of the educational field in the creation and assessment of new digital resources.Recognizing the technological and teaching entrepreneurship initiatives and proposals for educational innovation in education by the demand sector.Stimulating and informing technological suppliers, as well as the entire education sector, about the high-quality, creative and innovative tools that really work in the classroom, enabling personalized learning and facilitating teaching and managing.

ITworldEdu 2011 Award: Rewarding best educational technology solutions developed and applied in schools and companies

Thus, the ITworldEdu 2011 Award, besides offering recognition to teachers and schools, starts a new category aimed at the business. Deadline: September, 30th. TIES 2012. Call for papers from the critical perspective of the use of IT in Education and Society. From a critical perspective, and through the exchange of different views, practices and themes, the aim of the conference is to expand knowledge about: New cultural and educational contexts derived from the development of digital technologies in a globalised world.The incorporation of ICT in teaching and learning processes.Methodological changes associated with the use of ICT and their impact in education practices.The role of educational policy in the promotion of educational innovation and improvement.The training of different agents in the education sector.

TIES 2012. Call for papers from the critical perspective of the use of IT in Education and Society

Participants' main task will consist of exploring and developing the issues that emerge during the conference. Participants will be able to make critical judgments about the value of ICT development and its use in teaching and learning, its impact on participation in contemporary society, and its role in shaping the future. </p> Add Interactivity to eLearning.

Easy, Cheap Ways to Add Interactivity to eLearning Notes from #CETS11 - Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase Level 1Pop-Up - Click on a link to see a definition or obtain more information on a topic.Hot Spot - Click on an image to view a different page or additional content. Level 2Myth or Fact - Determine whether series of statements is accurate or not.Ordering - Put steps of a process or procedure into the correct order. Categorization- Group a series of statements and together by like characteristics.Interactive Timeline - A visual representation of a sequence of events, whereby the learner clicks on a specific date or year, events and/or content relevant to that date appears. Level 3Scavenger Hunt- The learner is presented with a problem that requires them to use various assigned resources to answer the questions. Downloads - E-Learning Heroes - Free eL templates.

eLearning 3.0. There are just too many great sites, articles, blog posts and tutorials on eLearning out there! Here are a few that I read daily: We don’t have enough time in each day to keep jumping from website-to-website to view all of this amazing content! We don’t have enough time in each day to keep jumping from website-to-website. We are working on an project called, “eduNation” that will function as an aggregator of these great sites! » Key social learning resources: part 3 Learning in the Social Workplace. This article first appeared on Training Zone on 19 September.

This is the third part of my four-part series curating key social learning resources for TrainingZone’s social learning month. 1. The first piece this week comes from Charles Jennings, who looks at why the real power of e-learning is social. Usages pédagogiques du web 2.0. Shorten, share and track your links. Self-Organization in Open Online Courses. Lebrun_courants.pdf - Powered by Google Docs.

Quelques sites sur l’actualité du e-learning à découvrir. Reconnaitre les apprentissages informels. Social learning is not the same as social media. Today at 7pm, Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn and Will Thalheimer, backed by a raft of other well-respected thinkers and practitioners in the field of workplace learning technologies will be launching the Serious eLearning Manifesto. This campaign is the result of many years of discussions, lamentations and grumblings about the state of e-learning.

It's time to do something about the problem before e-learning is discarded as a good idea that, in spite of 30 years of our best efforts, somehow never got to fulfil its potential.


PLE. Learning In The Future – Exploring Five Themes. 2011 Learning Tools Directory - Interactyx. The 4 Passions of an Instructional Designer. Checklist for strong elearning » Making Change. 50 Web 2.0 Tools Your Students Want You to Use. 360_e-learning20_final. List of OER (Open Educational Resources) Websites. Газета про e-learning. Заметки про e-learning: Агентурная сеть. PBL.