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PlugBoxes. Nextstepv2. 10 Mind Mapping Tools 4 the iPad. Brainstorming is a way for an individual or group to collect ideas about a specific problem or situation.

10 Mind Mapping Tools 4 the iPad

The goal is to collect as many as you can and then go back and evaluate the ones that might be worth developing further. These ideas can then be developed, enhanced and modified. Brainstorming is a great tool for educational situation where you want to develop and stimulate the creative process. The idea is that a shift in thinking can occur by collecting many ideas together around a particular concept. The process itself often spurs further ideas and so the process continues. So if we have access to iPads then what apps are available for us to utilise the benefits of mind mapping. Mindnode: $7.99 Mindnode is a very easy and intuitive application for collecting, organising and outlining your thoughts and ideas as mind maps.

iThoughts HD: $9.99 US $12.99 AU A mind mapping tool for the iPad that allows you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information. Mindmeister: FREE. Mlearning case studies.

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