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9 Presentation Apps for the iPad. Continuing our series on iPad apps for work, today we'll look at presentation tools.

9 Presentation Apps for the iPad

Presentations seem like the killer use case for business travelers that need to give presentations but don't need a full-powered laptop. Not every iPad app is capable of outputting to a projector, so even if you want to present just Web pages, you're probably going to need to download an app. Let's take a look at what's available. Keynote Many of you won't want to look much further than Keynote, especially if you already use it on your Mac. But what if you want to present something from the Web? Power Presenter Power Presenter lets you display local PDFs, websites or draw on the screen for live white boarding. 2Screens 2Screens offers all the features of Power Presenter, plus a couple of extras: the ability to use an iPhone as a remote, and it can the ability to open local Keynote and PowerPoint files.

Quickoffice Quickoffice is a full mobile office suite, complete with a presentation app. Box. Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement. Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement Contents Issue Context Research Results Factors to Consider Implications Action Options Implementation Pitfalls Illustrative Cases Contacts References Back To Top ISSUE: Because effective use of technology must be supported by significant investments in hardware, software, infrastructure, professional development, and support services, over the last decade, we as a nation have invested more than $66 billion investment in school technology (QED, 2004).

Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement

While complex factors have influenced the decisions for where, what, and how technology is introduced into our nation's school systems, ultimately, the schools will be held accountable for these investments. To answer these questions, educators need to look at the research on technology and student achievement and the contextual factors that affect learning goals. Back To Top Technology and Youth: Wired Schools and Wired Lives NCLB & High Stakes Testing. PBworks: Online Collaboration.