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Educational_informatics. Report of the Digital Britain Media Literacy Working Group. Digital Britain- the interim report was published in late January 2009 and aimed to show how this country would be at the forefront of the digital ecomomy. They recognised that "if we are to maximise the digital opportunity, we will need to ensure a population that is confident and empowered to access, use and create digital media," and " we will ask Ofcom to make an assessment of its current responsibilities in relation to media literacy and, working with the BBC and others, to recommend a new definition and ambition for a National Media Literacy Plan.

"Ofcom therefore formed a Working Group (government depts., BBC, industry, education and Third Sector) and they have produced this Report (27 March 2009). Why am I posting about this report? After all it's not my usual sort of post (most are short!) Government investment in digital infrastructures and broadband must be mirrored by media literacy provision. RGU: Research: Info Mgmt - Information Literacy.