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Visible Learning. Visible Learning for Teachers. John Hattie Visible Learning. Favorited Successfully!

John Hattie Visible Learning

Favorite Failed! Already Added! Login To Add! Cannot favorite your own presentation! Please Login to flag this presentation! John Hattie, Visible Learning. Pt 2: effective methods. John Hattie: Visible Learning Pt1. Disasters and below average methods. Visible Learning for Teachers: Impact. Thanks to Shira Leibowitz (@shiraleibowitz ) and Kathy Perret (@KathyPerret), co-moderators of the Wednesday night 10 EST #educoach chat, I began reading Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie.

Visible Learning for Teachers: Impact

I was particularly excited about this book because it perfectly aligns with my current teaching focus which is maximizing my ability to coach students for academic success. Tonight is the first chat and we'll focus on chapters 1-3.