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One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom. TEDxBrynMawrCollegeWomen. Helping Women Worldwide - WorldWise. The following is a guest post by Jane McAuliffe, president of Bryn Mawr College, about a new education project aimed at helping women around the world. ———————————————————————– At a meeting in Washington Thursday, the U.S.

Helping Women Worldwide - WorldWise

State Department in collaboration with the top women’s colleges—Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, and Wellesley—will officially start a global effort to bring together female leaders to increase the number of women involved in public service. While in many parts of the word women constitute the majority of undergraduates—in the U.S. their enrollment now approaches 60 percent—they do not fare so well after graduation. . • Out of over 180 countries, only 27 have elected women presidents, and only 25 have appointed women prime ministers. • There are only 24 ambassadors to the United Nations who are women. • Of the members of national parliaments worldwide, less than 19 percent are women. (Figures are from the Women in Public Service Project.) Return to Top. A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy

Marlo Thomas: You Know It's Good When the Boys Want in. Don't get me wrong, I love men.

Marlo Thomas: You Know It's Good When the Boys Want in

I even married one. And I love the boys in my life -- my four stepsons, my adorable nephews and godsons, and all those great guy friends who help make my life fun and funny. But I do have to admit that I experienced a difficult moment in 2003, when after 10 years of success, the brainchild of the Ms. Foundation, Take Our Daughters to Work Day, was pressured into becoming Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

I was shocked. After all the hard-won battles fought for women, how could we let this happen to girls? Like a lot of women my age, it reminded me of the low expectations that were thrust on us when we were growing up. "Don't worry, dear," she said to me. Mobile. Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs - Learn-gasm. By Megan Jones Whether you’re pursuing a degree from a top-tier college in women’s studies or taking a few online courses to slowly work towards a degree focused on gender, you can find a number of great blogs online that can supplement your learning experience.

Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs - Learn-gasm

Here are a few that we’ve put together that deal with a large range of gender related issues. Here you’ll find blogs that range from defining what it means to be feminine or masculine to understanding your rights under law concerning gender and sexual orientation. General These blogs address a wide range of gender-related issues.

Gender Pop: This blog analyzes issues of gender in science and culture. Feminism These blogs take a feminist point of view when it comes to discussing gender and political issues. Feministing: Authored by Amy S. Scholars These bloggers are professors, students and researchers interested in gender and women’s studies. Gender Identity and Sexuality Queer Studies Politics and Law Women’s Studies Men’s Studies. GenderBlogs: Transgender Considerations.