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Vocab. Spelling. Speaking. Activate: Games for Learning American English - Word Bricks. English As An Additional Language. Where Do We Even Start? 5 Strategies for Teaching the Beginning ESL Student. 5 False Prophets In Language Teaching. Learning a language is a very personal endeavor.

5 False Prophets In Language Teaching

Each individual uses different ways to reach the same result: being able to communicate in a foreign language. But the road to success is paved with hardship and empty promises from “false prophets” eager to sell their one size fits all solutions. 1. The Instant Gratificator This jolly old fellow loves to create language courses with glittering titles like “Flirt Fluently in Finnish in Only 10 days“, “Recite the Hebrew Bible Standing On One Leg in 4 Hours” or “Master German Grammar In Your Sleep”. Most of us aren’t polyglots. In other words, we all have a feeling that mastering a language is no push button business. 2. The Goal Setter – not be confused with the Irish Setter – is a down-to-earth chap far removed from the blatantly childish promises of the Instant Gratificator. We’re all deeply infatuated with the Goal Setter. It’s hard to point fingers at the Goal Setter. 3. The Gadget-o-Maniac is a master of disguise. 4. 5.


British Council Summer School 2012. FL Research. Healthy Habits for kids. Grammar. Storytelling. Writing. ESL. Listening. Reading. Creating a personal homepage. Creating your own personal homepage / feed reader can be really simple to do and can also help you to save time and stay in touch with what's going on in your professional and personal life.

Creating a personal homepage

My own personal home page is something I use everyday and have open for most of the day. It brings me the news from all my favourite websites, blogs and yahoo groups and allows me to scan content from 20 -30 different sources within a few moments. This would otherwise take me a few hours! So when I was asked to design a course to help teacher trainers use Web 2.0 technology in their teaching, I decided that a session on RSS and personal home pages was an essential. I've been using a yahoo reader for more than 4 years now, but I've become increasingly impressed with some of the other readers on offer and so I decided to have a look around at what else was available. Of these my favourites turned out to be Netvibes. Best Nik Peachey.

Teaching Pronunciation

Resources. World Digital Library Home. Teaching English. Teaching FL with 21st Century Skills. 26th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival. Welcome to the February 1, 2012 edition of the EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival.

26th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival

Lots of FUN posts that will certainly bring FUN into your classroom. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks for your patience while we got this posted! Please share on twitter/facebook and get the word out about these marvelous posts. The next blog carnival will be hosted by Adam at One Year (in the life of an English teacher) on March 1st. Get your entries in asap - the month will go by fast!

The 26th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival offerings Eva Buyuksimkisyan presents New Year, New Beginnings - telling us about a lesson she used to start off the new year on the right foot. Vicki Hollet inks Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Business English Teacher relating what Business teachers did before their chosen profession. Cat Bethune presents Using post-it notes in the classroom - full of sterling ideas. David Deubelbeiss declares It's Not A Box! Shelly Terrell presents Let's Play! - The English Learner Movie Guides. Elementary English. Teaching Reading and Writing. 10 Top Tips: Bringing Language to... News for Schools: News-related resources and topical stories to use in the classroom. NewsHour Extra. Thousands of newspapers on the Net.

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