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More evidence corroborating Professor Krashen and exposing the contrived skills and STEM crises. "...the impending shortage of scientists and engineers is one of the longest running hoaxes in the country" — Gerald W.

More evidence corroborating Professor Krashen and exposing the contrived skills and STEM crises

Bracey Schools Matter's Professor Stephen Krashen has been a long time critic of the media promulgated mythology that there's a shortage of qualified workers, particularly those in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) fields. Developing Future Workskills Through Content Curation. I will be presenting an ISTE Ignite Session on Monday, June 24 at 8:30 am on “Students as Curators.”

Developing Future Workskills Through Content Curation

Hope you can make it! -Nancy The response to my previous post on Understanding Content Curation has been incredible. This definitely is a topic people are. Susan Ohanian's Testing Outrages. The Chicago Public Schools Turnaround Model by Susan Ohanian Chicago Public School CEO Arne Duncan introduced the School Turnaround Model in 2006. You may remember that Duncan literally gutted the William T. Sherman Elementary School of staff: principals, teachers, even custodians were replaced. A year after the turnaround, the Chicago parent advocacy group Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE) researched Sherman's data and found, "during its first turnaround year, Sherman had a 20 percent drop in enrollment, a 10 percent drop in the number of low-income children, a 17 percent increase in the mobility rate, a lower parent involvement rate and lower science test scores.

" GlobalEd Collaborative News. The Powers Tweet Daily. 8 Wastes of Time That Can Actually Make You Smart. We’ve all had it happen to us.

8 Wastes of Time That Can Actually Make You Smart

A whole day flew by and it felt like a total waste. Everything took twice as long as it was supposed to, countless hours were spent surfing the web, and a marathon of your favorite show just couldn’t be missed. It happens to the best of us. But what if you could reengineer the things you waste time on, so that the time wasters actually make you smarter, better, and more awesome? Some may say that everyone needs their downtime to do nothing, recover, and start anew. Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism.

Are racists dumb?

Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

Do conservatives tend to be less intelligent than liberals? A provocative new study from Brock University in Ontario suggests the answer to both questions may be a qualified yes. The study, published in Psychological Science, showed that people who score low on I.Q. tests in childhood are more likely to develop prejudiced beliefs and socially conservative politics in adulthood. I.Q., or intelligence quotient, is a score determined by standardized tests, but whether the tests truly reveal intelligence remains a topic of hot debate among psychologists. Dr. Can Schools Create a Culture of Learning By Doing? - Education. What if we had a culture of "do" instead of a culture of "know" in our schools?

Can Schools Create a Culture of Learning By Doing? - Education

That was the question posed by sixth-grade language arts teacher Bill Ferriter and three other educators at last weekend’s EduCon, an education innovation conference held in Philadelphia. Ferriter writes on his blog, The Tempered Radical, that the group came up with the question during a session designed to push educators to dream big and develop ambitious solutions for the problems facing schools. Although knowing academic content is foundational, he writes, students often complain about feeling disconnected from what they’re learning because they’re never given the chance to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways.

Models like service learning are proven to boost student engagement and reduce the dropout rate, yet the test-heavy school culture has created an environment where teachers simply cover the curriculum and students regurgitate facts onto a test. Make online flashcards & notes. Study anywhere, anytime. New Teacher Academy: Delivery of Instruction. Welcome to week three of Edutopia's New Teacher Academy blog series!

New Teacher Academy: Delivery of Instruction

I'm excited to be here with you sharing my passion to support and mentor new teachers. I hope that you will stay with us as we continue to look at five key topics designed to provide resources for new teachers in five key areas. To collaborate in more detail on these and other topics, I invite you to join my weekly New Teacher chat on Twitter, and also to visit my blog Teaching with Soul. Please view this video as I share a few words on our focus for this week. Your Learning Style Profile. The table below represents some of the ways our learning skills, styles, and preferences may be categorized.

Your Learning Style Profile

This information is limited and will only provide a starting point for understanding how you learn best. As you evaluate yourself, remember there is no one best way to learn! Why We Need a 4th R: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, algoRithms. When Frederick J.

Why We Need a 4th R: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, algoRithms

Kelly invented the Kansas Silent Reading Test, now known as the “multiple-choice test” or the “bubble test,” he was looking for an efficient way to pass students through the U.S. public education system during the teacher shortage of 1914. With the advent of World War I, men were off to the frontlines in Europe, women were working in war-time factories, and there was a population boom of new immigrants flooding into the schools. Taking his inspiration from Henry Ford’s assembly line, Kelly came up with a way to standardize learning and assessment for maximum speed and efficiency.

He admitted that “One Best Answer” testing only assessed what was called “lower-order thinking,” but you can’t be picky during a crisis. Kelly would be appalled to know that a century later his bubble test would be the gold standard for entry into higher education and even into graduate or professional schools.