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Music. 21st Century Learning. EdmodoCon 2012. Parents. CEM. Do Online Students Cheat More? Education Videos. Special Ed. Learning with 'e's. Future U: Classroom tech doesn't mean handing out tablets.

Future U is a multipart series on the university of the 21st century.

Future U: Classroom tech doesn't mean handing out tablets

We will be investigating the possible future of the textbook, the technological development of libraries, how tech may change the role of the professor, and the future role of technology in museums, research parks and university-allied institutions of all kinds. A couple of decades ago the most advanced technology to appear in an average classroom was a mini-cassette recorder and a calculator. For most students, however, typical classroom technology ran the gamut from yellow legal pads to theme books, from pencils to ballpoints.

Project Based Learning

Flipped Classrooms. Purpose-Driven Products - Project 7 Creates Positive Change in Global Communities. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Project 7 is a social business focusing on "products for good.

Purpose-Driven Products - Project 7 Creates Positive Change in Global Communities

" More specifically, the company sells coffee, t-shirts, gum, mints and water. And perhaps more importantly, for every product that you buy, the group donates to causes in need. The mission is categorized into seven areas: "Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well and Save the Earth. " Tweet it Forward. Scuola americana dropout. Tech Tools for Teachers. By Nik Peachey Tech expert Nik Peachey presents an invaluable series on using technology in the classroom.

Tech Tools for Teachers

If you’re already tech-savvy, this series will give you a whole host of new ideas and suggestions; if you’re not yet comfortable with using new technology in your teaching, Nik’s help and advice will get you started in no time. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb which is sometimes also referred to as a curse, but it’s one that I like because it is very relevant to us as teachers today: “May you live in interesting times.” As educationalists, we do live in very interesting times and that can be either a curse or a blessing depending on how you feel about the role of technology in education and the degree to which you are willing to engage with it.

Personally, I feel that it’s a blessing and that we are very lucky to be living in times that offer us the opportunity to radically change and improve the way we educate our students. Twenty Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students. I wanted to post a list that talked about how to "use" technology in the classroom, but I found myself revising that word "use" to the more general word, "model.

Twenty Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students

" The reason I did this is because so many teachers believe that if students aren't actively sitting in front of the computer screen themselves, then clearly technology is not being used in the classroom. The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners. ICT. Wolfram Education Portal: Free Resources and Materials for Teachers. The Best Education Apps at FETC. Mobile Learning | Feature The Best Education Apps at FETC Mobile learning was a cornerstone of the FETC conference in Orlando last month, and the buzz culminated with the conference's closing session: An App Shootout where ed-tech pros Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, and Jenna Linskens shared some of their favorite apps for Apple devices.

The Best Education Apps at FETC

21st Century Educator. Best eLearning Practices #1. Free technology teacher training videos for teachers. Online Search Tools. Free to use. Easy Ways to Incorporate Tablets into the Classroom. Technology is changing education in some exciting ways, particularly for kindergarten and high school students. eBooks and eReaders, which are already proven to be an effective learning tool for undergraduate and masters degree students, are now being implemented in many primary school classrooms across the country.

Easy Ways to Incorporate Tablets into the Classroom

As a result, students who previously carried heavy backpacks full of large textbooks are now able to lighten the load by carrying all of their textbooks on a tablet. Similarly, teachers are able to teach children more effectively and provide information in new and exciting ways. As more schools realize the value of utilizing tablets in the classroom, more children and teachers will enjoy the benefits of this innovative device. Out with Large Books, in with a Small Tablet? MIT Offers Certificate for Free Courses. 25 Universities and Colleges offering Free Courses Online. Open courseware offered by top universities allow self-learners to access high quality educational materials for no cost.

25 Universities and Colleges offering Free Courses Online

Whether expanding your knowledge on a variety of topics or sampling the programs offered at universities, free courses can benefit you. The following universities offer free college courses online to anyone wishing to complete them. University credit is not offered for any of the free courses provided at these universities. Arizona State University (Opens in iTunes) : Find free video lectures and lecture voice recordings via the Arizona State University iTunesU.

10 People Who Used Blogs to Become Recognized as Experts in Their Field. If there is one thing we believe here at Expert Enough it is this: Blogs have the power to change people’s lives.

10 People Who Used Blogs to Become Recognized as Experts in Their Field

In this post we are going to show how 10 experts have used blogs to become recognized as top leaders in their field. There are millions of blogs on the web, but how many of them truly matter? Blogs are used by some people to document their worldwide travels, keep track of their diet, or even just to share pictures of people at Wal-Mart.