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Untitled Document. Teacher Tools. Digital teaching sites. EDU. iPads in Education. Apps for special needs. Doing More with Less in digital Classrooms. Innovative Educators hosts superior conferences and training sessions focused on the most critical issues facing higher educators: Recruitment, Retention and Teaching & Learning strategies. Laurie L.

Innovative Educators hosts superior conferences and training sessions focused on the most critical issues facing higher educators: Recruitment, Retention and Teaching & Learning strategies

Hazard holds an Ed.M. in Counseling and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University. Laurie's experience with academic support began as a graduate student at Boston University and later as a reading and writing specialist in an innovative, team structured learning assistance program at Boston University. Less Wrong. A Brief Guide to Mission to Learn. If you are new to Mission to Learn, or have simply decided to spend a bit more time exploring what is here, the posts listed on this page represent good places to start.

A Brief Guide to Mission to Learn

It’s also good to know that the whole focus here is on lifelong learning. I mean that not so much in the sense of accumulating knowledge about specific topics but rather in the spirit of how we can continually learn, grow, and live the most fulfilling lives possible. Jackie's Young Adults Blog. Graduation Ceremony Survival Monday April 14, 2014 If you've got a high school or college graduation ceremony coming up, it's time to start thinking about packing that survival bag.

Jackie's Young Adults Blog

Sitting in the glorious sunshine for a few minutes is a lovely thing. Sitting under that blazing orb for four hours is a recipe for pomp, circumstance, sunburn and heatstroke. So here's what to pack - sunscreen, of course, but also these nine sanity savers. The Lowdown on Dorm Options Saturday April 12, 2014. Higher Education - Web's #1 Source for K12 and Higher Education News and Commentary -         How we will learn. The World Question Center 2010. I received this year's Edge Question while in Damascus, shuttling messages from Jerusalem aimed at probing possibilities for peace.

The World Question Center 2010

And I got to thinking about how my thinking on world peace and transnational violence has been shaped by the Internet, and how the advent of the Internet has framed my view of human history and destiny. Free Nonfiction Books: Free Business Books, Free Memoirs, Free How-to Books, Free Travel Books, Free Spiritual Books, and More! Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. Downloads-Workshops. Elementary Schools .org - list of private elementary schools and public elementary schools. Past Interviews. Ceomind: Power Learning Solutions. Khan Academy. Study Vibe - How to study - study skills for primary and high school students. Discovery Education. SqoolTube. On-Line Resources. Reflective learners: helping learners make sense of their learning. SharpBrains. Here you can enjoy the Top 25 Brain Teasers, Games & Illusions that SharpBrains readers (primarily adults, but some younger minds too) have enjoyed the most.


It is always good to learn more about our brains and to exercise them!. Fun experiments on how our brains and minds work 1. You think you know the colors? Try the Stroop Test. The Thinking Classroom Home. Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything. Top Documentary Films (Free edu videos) Highlighting major new developments in the field, this updated edition of Discovering Psychology offers high school and college students, and teachers of psychology at all levels, an overview of historic and current theories of human behavior. Stanford University professor and author Philip Zimbardo narrates as leading researchers, practitioners, and theorists probe the mysteries of the mind and body.

Based on extensive investigation and authoritative scholarship, this introductory course in psychology features demonstrations, classic experiments and simulations, current research, documentary footage, and computer animation. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter. Produced by WGBH Boston with the American Psychological Association. 1990, 2001. Watch the full documentary now (26 parts, each 25 minutes long) Lexicon of Learning. ASCD. SmartBrief. Project Tomorrow. Online Education. Phi Delta Kappa Professional Education Association. History Is Elementary. Welcome to the midway of the 136th Carnival of Education!

History Is Elementary

Here's the very latest roundup of entries from around the EduSphere. Unless clearly labeled otherwise, all entries this week were submitted by the writers themselves. Folks interested in hosting an edition of the C.O.E. should make their intentions known by notifying Edwonk via this email address: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about last week's midway, which was hosted over at The Education Wonks. Visit the C.O.E.' Teachers pay teachers. My School. EduFire.

National Academies Press. StudySmarter. Online College. Suite 101. Naked Roommate. Professors' Guide. Teaching Mattters. Atomic Learning. Organizing for America. Education is the surest path to the middle class.

Organizing for America

President Obama is making historic investments in education to create opportunity for all Americans. To help students better afford a college education, President Obama ended billions in subsidies wasted on banks and used the savings to double investments in Pell Grants. He established a college tax credit for students and their families worth up to $10,000 over four years of college.

He set a goal to lead the world in college graduates by 2020, and cut the growth of college tuition and fees in half over the next 10 years, a goal that will save the typical student thousands of dollars a year, and proposed bringing together community colleges and businesses to train 2 million Americans for good jobs that actually exist now and are waiting to be filled.

Study Guides and Strategies. Box of Tricks - Technology and Education. The Standards. Building on the best of existing state standards, the Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life.

The Standards

NAGC. Tools for Student Success: Selected Publications for Parents and. The U.S.

Tools for Student Success: Selected Publications for Parents and

Department of Education has developed a number of publications featuring the latest research and most effective practices in subjects such as reading, homework, and staying drug free. This catalog provides brief descriptions of each volume, as well as information on how to obtain these publications in hard copy or online. Each is provided at no cost. Technology and Education. Turning Teaching into Learning. The Role of Student Responsibili. This is a digest of a monograph that explores recent theory and research on the importance of college students' effort and involvement in promoting positive college outcomes.

Turning Teaching into Learning. The Role of Student Responsibili

An opening section introduces the issue noting that institutions must work to create a climate in which all students feel welcome and able to fully participate. At the same time institutions must nurture an ethic that demands student commitment and promotes student responsibility. A section on student responsibility summarizes Robert Pace's standards embedded in the College Student Experience Questionnaire. Learning Styles - How to Learn Anything FAST! - H. US Dept. of Education. Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) OECD PISA. More than half a million 15-year-olds took part in the OECD’s latest global education survey, known as PISA. The main focus was on science, an increasingly important part of our economic and social lives.

You can also watch this video in Spanish. Publications PISA 2015 Results (Volume III) - Students' Well-Being (Available from April 19, 2017 11:00) Global Launch with Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children International, hosted by the Education Policy Institute in partnership with J.P Morgan, 60 Victoria Embankment, London, at 10.00 a.m. local time.

The Nature of Problem Solving - Using Research to Inspire 21st Century Learning. Edurati Review. Study Skills Help Page MTSU. Efficient, Effective Teaching. Students learn best when they actively participate in the learning process, when they are engaged and motivated to learn, and when they can build on their existing knowledge and understanding (NRC, 2000). New faculty members are most successful when they work moderately, even on their teaching (Boice, 2000 ). The pages and resources below will help you to become an effective teacher, efficiently. Jump down to Effective Course Design * Teaching Efficiently * Building Your Teaching Case for Tenure * Learning Styles * Expanding Your Teaching Toolkit * Teaching Large Classes * Keeping Research Seminars Lively and Engaging * Assessing What Your Students Are Learning Students in Carol Ormand's Structural Geology course measure folds in the southern Appalachians.

Photo courtesy of Carol Ormand. Effective Course Design Effective teaching begins with effective course design. Teaching Efficiently As a relatively new faculty member, you may find yourself spending every available minute on teaching.