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How to Focus Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning. Studies show that focus is a key attribute for performance improvement and success in life. Yet today’s modern workplace is full of distractions, from text to tweets. Check out these effective techniques for increasing focus for adult learners participating in e-learning, classroom training, and other learning events. From nano-learning to rewards, learn how to focus attention and improve e-learning outcomes. Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence, has just written a book called Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence.

Goleman calls “attention” a “little-noticed and underrated mental asset,” which is essential to success in work, play, relationships, and self-awareness. How can you help learners focus in a workplace dominated by email, IM, texts, and tweets? 5 Effective Techniques for Improving Focus and Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning Are you still with me? How Technology Supports Self-Directed Learning. About ETR Community EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century. EdTechReview spreads awareness on education technology and its role in 21st century education through best research and practices of using technology in education, and by facilitating events, training, professional development, and consultation in its adoption and implementation.

EdTech for Change. New Presentation Tools Which Teachers Would Love to Use. Hack Education. Webinars. Upcoming Webinars See the calendar of our upcoming webinars and conference presentations. Previous Webinars How ClassDojo Gives Your Class Mojo - Graphite Appy Hour February 14, 2014 ClassDojo is a classroom management and task assignment tool that provides real-time feedback for students on how they’re meeting classroom expectations. Watch Video Responsive Teaching with Socrative - Graphite Appy Hour December 16, 2013 Learn about how Socrative is a powerful student response system that helps support responsive teaching. Watch Video Discovering Digital Tools for Learning with Graphite November 13, 2013 (Hosted by BrainPop.)

Watch video Teaching Copyright and Fair Use to the Remix Generation Are your students copyright confused? Watch video Empowering Our Students to be Digital Citizens November 12, 2013 Join this session if you're new to digital citizenship or want a refresher on Common Sense Media's resources for digital citizenship. Watch video All Things Edmodo - Graphite Appy Hour October 24, 2013. Planning for Digital Content Toolkit. Why Schools Are 'Blending' Learning. Judy Beard, principal of Whittemore Park Middle School in Horry County SC, was so convinced that she had to implement “blended learning” to help her students achieve the common core that she started implementing blended learning before they had the funds to purchase the technology. “It’s not about technology. It’s about instructional practice,” Ms. Beard told attendees at this year's iNACOL conference in a session entitled Panicked about the transition to Common Core? Learn how blended learning is helping some schools address the new rigors of common core.

“Start rotating the classroom” the award winning principal told the audience. Ms. iNACOL 2013 showcased several different blended learning models. Rotational Labs Students at 35 Highline Public Schools in Burien, Wash. rotate through computer labs as part of their daily schedule; students work individually at their own level and pace on adaptive software while the teacher circulates and provides help to individual students. All Virtual. Tests Document Readability. 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web. By Alisa Miller Experts say that typical search engines like Yahoo!

And Google only pick up about 1% of the information available on the Internet. The rest of that information is considered to be hidden in the deep web, also referred to as the invisible web. So how can you find all the rest of this information? Meta-Search Engines Meta-search engines use the resources of many different search engines to gather the most results possible. SurfWax. Semantic Search Tools and Databases Semantic search tools depend on replicating the way the human brain thinks and categorizes information to ensure more relevant searches. Hakia. General Search Engines and Databases These databases and search engines for databases will provide information from places on the Internet most typical search engines cannot.

DeepDyve. Academic Search Engines and Databases The world of academia has many databases not accessible by Google and Yahoo! Google Scholar. Scientific Search Engines and Databases OER Review: Report - Digital Learning Department @ OSPI. Open Educational Resources. Open Educational Resources - Digital Learning Department @ OSPI.

Research Websites!! Presentation tools! StudyJams. StudyJams. Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms Training Toolkit | Safe Supporting Learning. Jump to navigation Search form Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms Training Toolkit This training toolkit is made up of two modules that address bullying in classrooms. Specifically, it is designed for trainers to assist teachers in cultivating meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate in the classroom. Module 1 - Understanding and Intervening in Bullying Behavior Addresses how to identify and effectively intervene when bullying occurs (including tips on de-escalation).

Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF) PowerPoint (PPT) Handouts (PDF) Module 1 Trainer Feedback Module 2 - Creating a Supportive Classroom Climate Considers effective strategies to build a classroom climate where bullying is less likely to occur. Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF) PowerPoint (PPT) Handouts (PDF) Module 2 Trainer Feedback DESIGN TEAM NOTE: This training toolkit was intentionally designed to be offered as a series. Related Resources.

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IT issues. SysNet - SysNet. How to Automatically Send Gmail Attachments to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive. Intelligently automating various online tasks can result in increased productivity. One such case is that of automatically sending the received attachments in Gmail to cloud storage. A number of solutions exist for automating this task; below is a step-by-step guide of using the popular service IFTTT to automatically send Gmail attachments to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive. Create a free account on or login to an existing one. Select ‘Create‘ In the first section titled ‘Create a Recepie’: Select ‘this‘ Choose Trigger Channel: Select Gmail (You’ll need to authorize IFTTT to use Gmail if not done before)Choose a Trigger: Select ‘Add New Attachment’ Complete Trigger Fields: Click ‘Create Trigger’Select ‘that’ Done!

By default, files will be stored in the folder IFTTT/Gmail. The location of folder, file name etc. can be customized in step 9. The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below.

The 21st century teacher should be able to : 1- Create and edit digital audio Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :Free Audio Tools for Teachers 2- Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill : A List of Best Bookmarking Websites for Teachers 3- Use blogs and wikis to create online platforms for students Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill : Great Tools to Create Protected Blogs and Webpages for your Class 4- Exploit digital images for classroom use Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :Web Tools to Edit Pictures without Installing any softwareTools to Convert Photos into Cartoons. 40 websites that will make you cleverer right now.

The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages. But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place. – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science. – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. – Blog/site dedicated to all things manly, great for learning life skills and good insights. – Randomly selects an educational video for you to watch. – An educational site that works with universities to get their courses on the Internet, free for you to use. – Interesting articles guaranteed to make you smile and get you thinking. – Find out how the world of fashion really works and what you can do to combat it. – Learn to hack life!

100+ Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark (Updated for 2012) Project_FOCUS__Storytelling_Across_Digital_Divide - Project overview. Learning Theory - What are the established learning theories? 7 Best Timeline Creators For Creating Awsome Timelines. 11inShare11inShare When creating a timeline for a project or important event, it is best to use helpful tools or templates so that the timeline can be created accurately without any kind of miscalculations or flaws.

One way of doing this is to use PowerPoint templates, such as the Workplan or Arrow PowerPoint timeline template. However, if the requirements of your timeline are too complex, then it might be worth using more comprehensive tools instead of a simple template. For this reason we have compiled a list of some of the best timeline creators that can be used for creating robust timelines, instead of having to create one from a blank timeline template. Preceden If you’re looking to create a professional timeline for work or personal use, look no further than Preceden. With numerous export options and an easy to use interface, Preceden let will help you create and share a great looking timeline in minutes. Go to Preceden Office Timeline Office Timeline Add-In for PowerPoint TimeGlider.

7 Best Timeline Creators For Creating Awsome Timelines. By Blackboard is a free learning management system for K12 and Higher Ed Instructors enabling blended & eLearning. TeachThought - Learn better. 10 Open Source Tools For Busy Teachers. There’s a pantload of premium products available to teachers right now. If you’re willing to pay a little (or a lot) then you can have professional-grade products. But what if you don’t need the ultra-fancy version? What if you just need to do a quick task and then move on? Then you’re probably better off with one of these open source tools that costs you nothing and has a strong community behind it.

For example, WordPress (which powers Edudemic!) Is a free and open piece of software that you can use to power your classroom website, school website, teaching blog, or any number of other online destinations. So now that we’ve established ‘free’ is a good price, let’s check out some of the more popular and powerful open source alternatives for teachers, students, and just about everyone else. WordPress WordPress powers a huge chunk of the world’s websites.

Pidgin Pidgin lets you instant message / chat with all your friends in one place. Audacity Looking to do some quick sound-editing? Tomboy. Five Web 2.0 Sites for Student Presentations. Snappy presentations are a must for today's fast-paced multitasking generation. Let’s look at some web 2.0 favorites to take the typical presentation from boring to wow! Prezi Prezi is still the darling of the web 2.0 presentation scene and is used in schools worldwide. If you tried Prezi a few years ago, take a fresh look. Numerous improvements make this an awesome tool worth using in your classroom. What sets Prezi apart from traditional presentations? First, it's non-linear. Vuvox Vuvox Collage is not only a stunning presentation tool; it's also perfect for project-based learning units. Flipsnack Flipsnack is definitely one of the easiest, yet coolest presentation tools. Beeclip Are you looking for an alternative to Glogster? Popplet Popplet is a great choice, not only for presentation but for mind-mapping as well.

IDEA: For lessons on bullying, have your students create a Popplet presentation of their ideas to prevent bullying. After you signup for an account, click make a new popplet. Insight: Key Findings - Successful EdTech Integrations. About ETR Community EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century.

EdTechReview spreads awareness on education technology and its role in 21st century education through best research and practices of using technology in education, and by facilitating events, training, professional development, and consultation in its adoption and implementation. An Ethical Island | How to Teach Without a Lecture and other fun. 10 rules for a successful edtech program that have little to do with tech, part 1. Apr 1 Written by: 4/1/2013 7:03 AM By JD Ferries-Rowe, CIO Advisor 1. Form Relationships The first six months that I spent at Brebeuf Jesuit was an interesting time for me.

I was hired to make significant changes in the way that educational technology was used in the classroom and the school and some administrators were waiting for me to wave the magic wand. They became frustrated because I spent most of my days walking around the school, watching classes, having conversations with teachers. Practically applied: We created a space for teachers to meet, gather, and plan called the Teacher Resource Room. 2.

The key to the #edtech role is not based on an expansive knowledge of educational gadgetry or lists of links to include on the ubiquitous "Website Wednesday" newsletter. Practically Applied: Processes can also help to alleviate tensions between the classroom and the technology-cave. 3. 4. Practically Applied: I spent two weeks playing around with an ASUS VivoTab. 5. Presentation: Teens, Kindness and Cruelty on Social Network Sites. Stream - ThingLink. Untitled. Page 1 / 17 1. Web 2.0 Jog Intro 2. LastPass: Your password manager 3. Email Delimma 4. Powered by JOGTHEWEB Index Share It : Web 2.0 Jog The page must be refreshed to take effect. Virginiapavlovich. 6 Must Watch Videos on 21st Education.

Digital tools. 10 Techy Icebreakers for The 21st Century Teacher. Sample Social Media Guidelines. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. - From the Principal's Office: 10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology. Wright's Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons. Huge Collection of Code Snippets: HTAccess, PHP, WordPress, jQuery, HTML, CSS. Technology. Videos | Michael McMillan-speaker, author, designer, creative consultant. 10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics.

2010+ Free Powerpoint Templates PPT and Free PowerPoint Backgrounds. Five-Minute Film Festival: Twitter in Education. Free World U, A Free Online pre K-12 Program. Teachers Quick Guide to BYOD. Easy scheduling.

Internet Safety for Kids (Grades K-12) Growing Up in the Information Age. iPad in Education. iPad Apps for Teacher Productivity. Teaching In the 21st Century. 7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers. Outstanding School Libraries. Websites for Education. What To Do If Your School Bans a Useful Website. 20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have. Many-to-One vs. One-to-Many: An Opinionated Guide to Educational Technology. 50 Apps Students Will Be Using In Your Classroom. Corporate Gift Books From Simple Truths - Inspirational Movies. Dangerously Irrelevant. Learning with Google+ Hangouts OnAir. Kevin Honeycutt. The Top 10 Free Web Tools to Curate and Bookmark Online Resources for Teachers.

The Connection between Ed Tech and Common Core Standards. Educational Technology Guy. Animations Volume 2. Powerpoint tips - Presentation tools - Powerpoint templates| Brainshark. Civics economics doc free ebook download from Learning Snack Box: Create and share your e-learning snacks with the community.

Free professionally-designed templates for PowerPoint 2010 - PowerPoint. Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education. Free Technology for Teachers. - Top 100 Sites of 2011. The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You. 3. Инструменты разработки дистанционного курса. Most Essential Tools for Presenters and Conference Organizers. 21st century teaching. K12 Online Conference 2010 | Instructional Strategies That Work with Videoconferencing: Increasing Interactivity. The Digital Generation Project. Living Faster - Digital Natives | Digital Nation | FRONTLINE. Technology: Teacher Enhancement, NOT Replacement - Coach G's Teaching Tips. Where digital natives roam, paper and pencil have a place, too. Additional Resources   - Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Meet 21st Century Skills - LibGuides at Ashland University.

Integrating Technology In K12. Mguhlin. Web20atschool. Free Courses and Resources.