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Popupology. Miura fold - Wikipedia. Crease pattern for a Miura fold.

Miura fold - Wikipedia

The parallelograms of this example have 84° and 96° angles. The Miura fold (ミウラ折り, Miura-ori?) How to make almost any shape out of a flat sheet of paper. Mahadevan and his team have characterized a fundamental origami fold, or tessellation, that could be used as a building block to create almost any three-dimensional shape, as seen above (credit: Mahadevan Lab/Harvard SEAS) Harvard scientist L.

How to make almost any shape out of a flat sheet of paper

Mahadevan and his team have devised a way to make virtually any shape out of a flat sheet of paper, using a fundamental origami or tessellation fold. How-To: Geometric Christmas Tree Card. Christmas pixel popup cards. Firstly I just wanted to say a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

Christmas pixel popup cards

Hope you all have a wonderful time ^_^ I have had quite a few requests for Christmas pixel popup cards. There are three designs below if you fancy having a go at making some. I tried lots of designs out. Some were a complete disaster! Around The Table. Just a couple of days left before we are in full entertaining mode.

Around The Table

Do you have your tablescape planned for Thanksgiving? Are ideas already dancing around your head for your Christmas Shindig? Here are a few festive tablescape ideas that have caught my eye. The above image from whimsical home and garden shows a wonderful way for your guest to take part in the true meaning of Thanksgiving. This DIY place mat is sure to be a hit. Le KIT printable de NOEL 2015 #DIY - jesus-sauvage. Gold Tipped Paper Feathers - Lia Griffith. My paper feathers are an oldie but a goodie and for the first time I am sharing the SVG file for this design so that you can print and cut them at home on your cutting machine – hooray!

Gold Tipped Paper Feathers - Lia Griffith

It’s a simple design which is brought to life by scoring the center line and adding the gold leaf tips – aren’t they gorgeous? We discovered this gold leaf pen recently and have been adding a little glam to anything we can get our hands on ever since. 64 idées d'emballage cadeau original. Coffrets cadeaux, Boîtes and Cadeaux on Pinterest. Gabarits - Page 2. Holiday Mini House Gift Box DIY. Paper Gingerbread House Treat Box - Lia Griffith. Super Simple Christmas Paper and Gift Tags DIY. Hi there, it’s me again!

Super Simple Christmas Paper and Gift Tags DIY

Here we are one post later and we’re already in the middle of December rush. Is it just me or does time fly faster every year? It feels like just yesterday it was still summer, doesn’t it? 5 Kraft paper Christmas gift wrap ideas. DIY Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes. A little while back, I was brainstorming Father’s Day craft ideas, and I had one of those “a-ha” moments.

DIY Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes

Don’t you just love those? These Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes actually make use of the favor box template that I created for my feature in the first issue of Nonpareil, with an alteration made to add a “collar”. I’ve provided a necktie template (and a bow tie template, in case your dad or husband is a bow tie kind of guy) that you can use with any patterned or solid colored paper to put the finishing touch on your own box(es). Easy Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags - two purple couches. It’s Day 2 of our Holiday Craft Party and today is all about gift tags!

Easy Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags - two purple couches

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to check out more gift tag ideas and enter our giveaway! If you missed yesterday’s collection of ornaments, you can check them out here. Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card. Time for the promised TARDIS card tutorial!

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card

As an added bonus this tutorial shows you my method of making standard card blanks. This is the first tutorial I have made, so if you have any feedback do let me know so future tutorials might be improved... Tableau fait par enfants noel. Jolie carte anniversaire petite enfant carte d enfant anniversaire originale idee. 1 carte d anniversaire avec balon jaune carte blanche carte d anniversaire carte dromadaire. 1 carte d anniversaire à imprimer jolie carte anniversaire à faire soi meme avec lettres. 0 carte invitation anniversaire despicable carte d anniversaire invitation. Libros Pop-Up Books Cards: Historia Poema ilustrado con hermosas Tarjetas Pop-Up.