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Geo Paper Christmas Decorations + Printable Template - We Are Scout. Make your own paper geo jewels and string them together to make garlands and decorations, or just pile them up in a bowl. Choose your paper colours, download the template and get to it. It’s an easy way to achieve a fresh modern look for your mantle or table this festive season. You’ll need Heavy weight paper in the colours of your choiceTemplate – click here to downloadScissorsGlue stick or double sided tapeWhite sewing thread and tape to secure it if you’re going to hang your geo shapes All you need to do is print out the template onto coloured paper and cut out around the outer edge.

Then fold along all the printed lines, so that the lines are on the inside of the shape. Apply glue to the flaps one at a time and press together firmly. If you’re going to hang the geo shapes tape the thread to the inside of the shape before you glue the last flap in place. Hang the shapes from a painted branch, string them up to make a garland, or hang them on your Christmas tree. Save. Sapins Nordmann, Achat de sapin de Noël naturel. GLIMMA Bougie neutre pr photophore.