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Fabriquer un parfum sur mesure aux huiles essentielles ! - Mon aromatherapie. Pranarôm prend ses quartiers d’hiver dès demain et notre blog termine l’année en beauté : on se retrouve le 5 janvier prochain !

Fabriquer un parfum sur mesure aux huiles essentielles ! - Mon aromatherapie

Pour préparer cette période festive, on vous propose une idée cadeau originale : un parfum fait maison ! En effet, à qui faire confiance quand on sait qu’aujourd’hui les parfums vendus en magasins sont presque tous à base d’ingrédients synthétiques, parfois allergisants, et bien souvent très éloignés de la Nature qu’ils sont sensés évoquer ? On peut pourquoi pas se fabriquer un parfum très personnel avec les huiles essentielles… Pour un parfum équilibré, comptez 30 à 35 gouttes d’huiles essentielles dans 30 ml d’alcool à 70 degrés ou de vodka pure.

Munissez vous d’un flacon en verre (ambré ou non) et d’un vaporisateur ou applicateur à bille. Remarquez que le parfum ne sera pas d’emblée celui que vous obtiendrez au final. Conservez toujours vos parfums maison dans un flacon en verre bien fermé et si possible à température fraîche ou ambiante. Beauty Blogger in Atlanta: Pineapple Solid Sugar Scrub DIY. I might be a little addicted to all things pineapple.

Beauty Blogger in Atlanta: Pineapple Solid Sugar Scrub DIY

It's practically a requirement of summer. I happen to be a little addicted to all things beauty DIY as well. I decided to marry the two in a fun diy that takes moments to make. If you like the result of a sugar scrub but not the mess, give these a try. I use these on my feet and body--my skin is instantly soft and lightly moisturized. Beauty Blogger in Atlanta: DIY Shower Jellies Jewels DIY (LUSH Inspired) I have a friend with twins (actually I have several friends with twins) and she needed a quick idea for the boy/girl pirate and mermaid birthday party.

Beauty Blogger in Atlanta: DIY Shower Jellies Jewels DIY (LUSH Inspired)

I thought treasure and these shower jelly jewels came to mind. How to Make Lotion Bars. Keep your hands silky smooth with the help of DIY lotion bars that can go with you anywhere.

How to Make Lotion Bars

These cute little lotions make a memorable, personal homemade gift for someone special. Made with coconut oil, which has so many helpful uses around the home, the lotions stay solid at room temperature and melt into hands once warmed by your body heat. And when you're done making these, pop the finished bars in a small container, like an empty mint tin or sachet. To use, simply rub them on dry spots, and a tiny amount of the lotion melts, leaving skin moisturized without being greasy. Place it back into its container for future use. DIY Sleep Salve. Tired of lying awake all night stressing over this or that?

DIY Sleep Salve

Fall asleep with ease thanks to this DIY calming salve that also leaves your feet so soft — you can't beat that! Made with a soothing combination of essential oils, the recipe creates more than enough for yourself, so gift the rest to your favorite people. You'll love how this wonderfully smelling helper makes nighttime blissful. What You'll Need: 1 cup coconut oil1 cup olive oil4 tablespoons grated beeswaxEqual parts lavender, orange, cedarwood, peppermint, and cinnamon essential oils.

DIY Uplifting Shower Bombs. Refresh with invigorating scents that wake you up.

DIY Uplifting Shower Bombs

Simply toss one of these shower bombs in your shower and enjoy the enveloping smells that help make your day great. DIY Sore-Muscle Salve. After a long day or a hard workout, soothe sore muscles with an all-natural rub that gently warms and releases muscle tension.

DIY Sore-Muscle Salve

Made with ingredients you have in your pantry and a few essential oils, the sore-muscle salve also makes a nice massage lotion. And it smells a whole lot better than the kind you can buy at the store. DIY Lemon Soap. Instead of tossing lemon rinds, use for making supercute lemon soaps.

DIY Lemon Soap

Usually tossed in the trash, lemon zest brightens basic glycerin soap for an invigorating cleaner that also leaves hands nice and soft. After grating, use the rest of the lemon for whatever you have planned. DIY Headache Soother. Headaches are no fun, and when one comes on, you want to get rid of it fast.

DIY Headache Soother

Before popping pills, try this all-natural soothing combination of essential oils that does wonders on pounding temples. Pour into a rollerball container or small glass vial, and you can even take this soother on the go. What You'll Need: 10 drops lavender essential oil10 drops peppermint essential oil10 drops orange essential oil1/4 cup olive oilSpouted measuring cup or funnel (optional)Small sealable container Directions It's as simple as measuring the olive oil and adding the essential oils.

Scented Orange Candles. The next time you're planning an outdoor party or just want to hang out on your patio without swatting away mosquitos, DIY these cute little candles that also make use of your orange rinds.

Scented Orange Candles

They're so easy to put together and basically cost nothing to make. Pick up candlewicks at your local craft store, and use the ends of old candles for your new favorite outdoor decor. What You'll Need: One orange2 candlewicks20 drops citronella essential oil4 to 6 ounces candlesSmall glass or metal bowl, or a clean canSmall saucepanSheet tray or small cutting board Directions: Slice one orange in half, and carefully scoop out the orange sections, leaving just the rind. Fill the saucepan with around one cup of water, and place it over medium heat. Take the candles outdoors, and enjoy the soothing, bug-repelling scent and calming light! Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff POPSUGAR, the #1 independent media and technology company for women.

DIY - Baume à lèvres - PROJET PASTEL. C’est la période de la «sécheresse babiale»! Huile végétale de Coco BIO.