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Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Hawaii, Guam & US Territories

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Hong Kong Rations Japan's Precious Milk Powder. As fears of radiation-contaminated Japanese foods spread in Asia, Hong Kong parents have packed stores to get their hands on what they believe could be the last untainted supply of a highly sought-after product: Japanese milk powder.

Hong Kong Rations Japan's Precious Milk Powder

On an uncomfortably humid morning in Hong Kong's Prince Edward district, hundreds of people were lined up outside a shop that advertised "Japanese milk powder" in Chinese characters on its... The Japan Earthquake Rattles Supply Chains, Too - Willy C. Shih - HBS Faculty. By Willy C.

The Japan Earthquake Rattles Supply Chains, Too - Willy C. Shih - HBS Faculty

Shih | 11:35 AM March 23, 2011 Beyond the devastating and saddening human costs, the earthquake in Japan is another reminder of the complexity of the world’s supply chains and the great interdependencies in global production systems. The world’s supply chains are complex and highly optimized to deliver products efficiently at the lowest cost. They are characterized by a sequential mode of production where goods are produced in a series of stages in different countries by vertical specialists who pass them across borders to the next firm in the value chain.

Earthquake 9.0

Crisis Coping & Social Order. Humanitarian Relief. News. Tsunami. Hawaii & US territories. US Assistance. Fukushima Nuclear Plants. Tuyet : @JDFielder RT @brianstelte... Tuyet : Americans have a tendency... Tuyet : @brianstelter it's lacking... Tuyet : A 74-person team of #USA M... Videos, Photos.