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Zello. Live conversation. CB Radio Chat. Extra smileys, memes, stickers, funny characters, LOLCats and other emoticons for your favorite chat app!

CB Radio Chat

Great for WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Telegram, LINE or other chat or messaging apps. More than than 5 million downloads! Right now we have these:* Smileys/Stickers/Emoji: soon new emoticons pack! * Internet characters: Troll face, LOL guy, Y U NO, Success Kid, ..* Funny pics: hilarious random pictures* Memes (NEW from July 2013): Philosoraptor, Skeptical Baby, ...* LOLcats: you can't get enough of them Soon, we will add:* More memes* Much more smileys* Your suggestions! Give us your suggestions by e-mail. Open your chat app (such as WhatsApp), and use usual "attach image" button to open our gallery of pictures. For WhatsApp, just click on the icon in the conversation list :) Thanks to IDris, Ghost-Unit for Russian translation, Abdullah Jasser for Arabic. Contact us by email please.


Stock game, stock market game, paper trading and online trading. Personals - Dating. Friends. Forums.securityinfowatch. Games. Flickr. MyYearbook. Mobile Application Development Opportunitie. Friendster - Home. Yahoo. Google. Buzz. Google Buzz n'existe plus.


Si vous n'avez pas lu tous vos posts Google Buzz avant l'arrêt du service, sachez que nous avons archivé votre contenu et l'avons enregistré sur Google Drive. Nous y avons créé deux dossiers : un qui contient un aperçu de vos posts Buzz publics et un autre qui contient tous vos posts. Par défaut, tous les internautes disposant du lien approprié ont accès à vos posts publics. Ils peuvent également apparaître dans les résultats de recherche et sur votre profil Google (dans la mesure où vous l'avez associé à vos posts Buzz). Tout lien existant vers votre contenu Google Buzz renvoie désormais les utilisateurs vers le dossier contenant vos posts publics. Les fichiers contenant votre contenu Buzz sont traités de la même façon que tout autre fichier stocké sur Drive.

Nous vous remercions d'avoir fait confiance à Google Buzz. Google - Chat. Group conversations are better than ever Send photos or emoji, see when people are engaged in the Hangout and message friends anytime, even if they're not connected right now.

Google - Chat

Video calls make Hangouts more fun Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends. Then add apps and effects to put a smile on your face. All your friends can use Hangouts Hangouts works on computers, Android and Apple devices, so you can connect with everyone, and no one gets left out. Google - G-Mail. MSN - Windows Live - Hotmail. Windows Live - Messenger. AOL Mail. AOL - Instant Messenger. Juno Mail. Mozilla Thunderbird - Email Client. Jabber Instant Messenger. Abstract: Jabber is best known as an open source secure and ad free alternative to consumer IM services.

Jabber Instant Messenger

Detail: Jeremie Miller first began the Jabber project in 1998. Its first major public release occurred in May 2000. Today Jabber is best known as an open source, secure, ad free alternative to consumer IM services like: Yahoo Instant Messenger AIM from AOL Instant Messenger Windows Live Messenger Google Talk ICQ Messenger. Jabber uses what is known as Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) an open, XML inspired protocol for near-real-time, extensible instant messaging (IM) and presence information (buddy or friends lists).

Every user on the network has a unique Jabber ID (usually abbreviated as JID). A Jabber client is any software or application that allows you to join the Jabber network and connect with your friends. Unlike many other messaging networks, Jabber allows you to use the same account and log on multiple times simultaneously. Quickstart Guide to Running Jabber.