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Stuff for Smart Masses. Making a Stained-Glass d20. The first thing we're going to do is create a template to hold the glass pieces still while we're etching them.

Making a Stained-Glass d20

To do this we need to open up our vector editing software and create an equilateral triangle; that is a triangle that has the same length on all three sides. Some software and laser cutters interact differently but you have to make sure that the outline of this triangle will be a cut line as opposed to an etched line. Once you have done that you can duplicate that triangle 19 times and organize them in a compact area while making sure to leave some space between them. Once you have them all laid out draw a square around them using a cut line so that the finished jig will fit nicely against the edge of the laser cutter's bed.

D20 Gamer Dice Socks. How "Dungeons & Dragons" changed my life - Gaming. Every Friday night, from my eighth grade to my senior year in high school, I fell into a realm of wizards’ towers, battle axes melees and exploding fireballs.

How "Dungeons & Dragons" changed my life - Gaming

This was an age before 21st century diversions — no Internet, e-mail, cell phones or social networking — and Dungeons & Dragons was my total escape. When I wasn’t sleeping or in class, I’d draw maps of my Middle-earth-like lands, plan the exploits of my characters and scheme elaborate back stories of my world.

From 1979 to 1984, I was under D&D’s spell. But wanting to be a cooler, beer-drinking, girl-bedding kind of guy, I stopped playing D&D when I went to college. Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirts. Dungeons & Dragons "The Red Box" Shirt.