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MD Minimal. Beta. Square Grid theme. jQuery for Designers and Themers. Sample jQuery code in a theme for anyone learning jQuery.

jQuery for Designers and Themers

This code is based on the "jQuery for Themers and Designers" session at various Drupal events. You can get the accompanying slides at, watch the DrupalCon Paris video from, and read my post-session commentary at The Drupal 6 version requires the jQuery UI module. Fusion. Fusion is a powerful base theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you can control through Drupal's UI.


It's based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12/16-column grid with options for responsive layouts for mobile devices. It's designed to be used with the Fusion Accelerator module (or with Skinr in Drupal 6), with numerous useful block styles included. Don't theme yourself into a corner. Our goal is to make Fusion the clear, simple, and supported option for creating advanced Drupal themes. Your layout is completely taken care of with lots of regions and cross-browser compliant configuration of layout through the GUI -- set block width, alignment, and position with a few clicks! Requirements. Fusion Mobile.

Fusion Mobile is a Fusion Core subtheme designed for creating a custom theme targeting mobile devices.

Fusion Mobile

By using a separate subtheme, you can control your theme settings and block layout/contents specifically for mobile devices. Really important note: December 2011 Responsive layout support has now been committed to a Drupal 7 branch of Fusion. Individual layouts (e.g. tablet landscape vs smartphone) will be able to be toggled on/off on a per-subtheme basis, and most functionality of Fusion Mobile is already covered in this branch. Thus, this project for Drupal 7 will no longer be supported, instead recommending the responsive option in Fusion itself. Features Installation. Fuse Mobile. A base theme to start building your mobile site created from our base theme starter kit Fuse Basic.

Fuse Mobile

In this package you will find the Fuse Mobile base and the Fuse Mobile Complete sub-theme. future plans are to integrate the complete theme with color module for easier customization. Please note Our Drupal 7 release is not ready to be used on production sites and should be considered fairly buggy at this point. If you do decide to use is throw any changes made in an issue and we will try to roll them into the full release. Niall Morgan - Fuse Interactive. Fuse Basic. OM Admin Theme Documentation. Content back to top ^ Key Features: Simple, Lightweight and ElegantPower Scrolling (Up/Down) - new in 7.x-1.5 and 6.x-1.6, a great help when you want to reach SAVE button quickly.Brings consistency on admin page layouts which visually simplifies the seemingly complicated Drupal adminWorks great with Admin Menu, this theme doesn't duplicate any functionality provided by Admin Menu moduleFluid layout, 100% width, for easy content editing and site configurationsIf you need performance and simplicity in viewing your admin pages, this is the right theme for you.

OM Admin Theme Documentation

FuelDeLuxe. FuelDeLuxe has to be considered as another blank canvas for theme developers.


This is the theme I currently use for all my professional projects : simple to adapt from .PSDs, SEO friendly, theme settings features, lots of body/node classes & cool stuff in template.php ... Features : 960px centered fixed width layout (supporting screen resolutions of 1024 pixels and up) Multi-column support (0, 1 or 2 sidebars / auto resizing) Source-ordered, using negative margin (the content comes before the left and right sidebars in the XHTML source for increased accessibility and SEO) W3C standards-compliant: it validates XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS 2.1 Cross-browser compatible (also supports IE 6) Alpine. Alpine is a GPL v3 Wordpress theme by the same name that I converted to Drupal 6 originally.


Since Drupal 7 has been released, I have also updated Alpine for Drupal 7. I have already added some extra regions and plan to add more in later versions. There is also a 100% CSS Only Primary Links menu dropdowns for Drupal 6 and Main Menu drop downs for Drupal 7. Alpine features some great default images and styles, but can be easily modified with your own images. It is great for a nature blog, hiking blog, and generally any other outdoors or nature related website. Block Regions Header ContentSearch BoxLeft SidebarContent TopHighlightedContentContent BottomTryptych Column 1Tryptych Column 2Tryptych Column 3Footer. MO6. MO6 is a two-column light weight theme, fixed width, fixed columns, re-colorable.


The theme is targeted for blog use. It's goal is to optimize for search engines, minimizing html, css and images, making pages as fast as possible while maintaining an effective design. OM Base Theme. "OM" (AUM) - the source of everything.

OM Base Theme

If you're looking for a simple, lightweight and with only the bare functionalities needed for your complex designs, OM base theme is for you. It's a professional base theme for a professional themer. OM Base Theme helps reduce your custom theming work, making it easier and less time needed to develop a highly customized theme, unlike other base themes (with so many files and theme settings which can only be a huge baggage to carry later on), OM Base Theme has optimized codes to a minimum.

As a result, you can easily migrate any existing web design templates to drupal since there's not much css overriding on a very simple base theme. No complex css overriding, its core CSS is reduced to minimum.Simplifies page.tpl.php structure, variables are grouped by default (a form of abstraction for common layouts), which made the layout more obvious. New to base theming? Click here to understand the basics by Emma Jane Hogbin. HTML5 Base. This theme was originally conceived of as a place for a few dozen Drupal front-end developers to work together to figure out how best to get Drupal 7 to do HTML5.

HTML5 Base

We had lots of debates and conversations, and wrote (re-wrote and re-wrote) it's code. Several months into the process we decided to use HTML5 Base as a testing-ground to try out ideas for Drupal 8 core — a place get ideas running on real-world websites, and to use as a proof-of-concept for convincing others in the Drupal core community. Ishalist. Tundra: Drupal Framework Theme. Desk02 Gradiel. Mystique Theme. 7.x port of mystique_theme and 6.x bug fixes released - Now the the content area expands if there is no sidebar content. This is a port of the popular Mystique theme from Wordpress.

Abstract. .mobi. This theme creates a way sites who have mobile domain aliases of their website to have a specially formatted mobile format for their visitors who use the mobile domain, and allow the visitors of your .com/.net/.org/etc to still see a fancy or complex theme. This theme is intended to be used with the .mobi loader module, though it will also work fine without it as long as your intention is for all your users to see the mobi format. When paired with the .mobi loader module, the module overrides the default theme to display a mobile, portable format from the mobi theme. Web-based settings are built into the theme configuration page to change background colors for: HeaderLeft sidebarContentRight sidebarFooter.

Dossier. Boron (HTML5 base theme) Mothership. M ⚙ t h e r s h i p. Titan. Theme featues: Extensive stylings for all core modules: blocks, nodes, forums, books, profiles, etc.1- or 2-column layout8 regions: header menu, content, sidebar, footer menu and 4 footer columnsMenu blocks assigned to "Header menu" region will show up as drop-downsRegions automaticaly collapse if there are no blocks assignedSupported standard theme settings: logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in posts, user pictures in comments, shortcut iconSupported custom theme settings: pager size, copyright informationTested on all major browsers (Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Opera 10, IE8, IE7)Clean, well organized and easy to modify codeStrictly follows Drupal coding standards. Black Piano. This is a Drupal port of the popular wordpress theme piano black by mono-lab. The following block regions are available: right sidebar, footer area, content, below content.

SuperClean. Seeking Maintainer If you'd like to become the new maintainer of this module, just let me know via my contact form! We don't plan on developing it any further, otherwise. Samara. Posted by garamond on Features. Omega (960gs & HTML5) Omega 4. Documentation. Marinelli. Sky. AdaptiveTheme. Framework. Corolla. NineSixty (960 Grid System) AD Novus. BlueMasters. Interactive Media. Kanji. Journal Crunch. Easy Breeze. LayoutStudio. Gamma.