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Feed field (CCK module) Apture. Feeds. Import or aggregate data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records.


One-off imports and periodic aggregation of contentImport or aggregate RSS/Atom feedsImport or aggregate CSV filesImport or aggregate OPML filesPubSubHubbub supportCreate nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records from importExtensible to import any other kind of contentGranular mapping of input elements to Drupal content elementsExportable configurationsBatched import for large files Installation For requirements and installation instructions, refer to the included README.txt file. Documentation For a guide to using Feeds in site builds or how to develop for Feeds, see the Feeds documentation. Resource Description Framework (RDF) Tattler. Tattler (app) is a Drupal Distribution, an open source topic monitoring tool for today's Web.


Tattler finds and aggregates content from the Web on topics you ask it to monitor. Using semantic Web technologies, Tattler mines news, websites, blogs, multimedia sites, and other social media like Twitter, to find mentions of the issues most relevant to your organization. Download Visit the Tattler website to read about its features, see a demo, and download it.