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A BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO DRUGS FOR GIRLS « A BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO DRUGS FOR GIRLS « I am a girl. If you are also a girl, you’ll doubtless have been offered plenty of useful tips for life. Tips on things like how to hook Mr Right and not get into unmarked taxis, how to juggle both a family and a career and how to halve your vagina-age. But, good as that stuff is, (and it is great), has anyone ever taught you the basic Ys and Ns of getting high? Probably not, and that's why most of us are worse at it than boys.
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DoseNation DoseNation The Rule of Saint Benedict Chapter 2: The Qualities of the Abbot Commentary by Jake Kettle Throughout the course of one’s study of monasticism, the doubtful researcher will surely ask, why does a monastery need a domineering Abbot in order to function properly as a spiritual and mystic enterprise? The question is valid, but it comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of Saint Benedict of Nursia’s writings in Chapter 2 of the Rule, which are on The Qualities, and furthermore, illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of monasticism and western asceticism in general. The Abbot is not the judge and the jury, nor is he a domineering figure, put in place by the Church in order to keep the Brothers and Fathers of the Monastery in order, but rather it is the role of a gentle Shepard, and though sometimes he must use his staff for the general protection of his flock, and for the protection of their souls, he is still a Shepard who loves and cares for his flock.