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Loups documentaire / Wolves and documentary

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Canis Lupus (Grey Wolf) - Dedicated to Conservation documentary. Champions de la nature - Le loup. Wolf Pack (BBC) Global wolf. Land Of The Lost Wolves - Ep2. Wolves in Chernobyl dead zone. White Falcon White Wolf. Living with Wolves. Wolves at our door. Cry of the Wild by Bill Mason. From the playlist : Bill Mason: Beyond the wild, beyond the paddle A qualified box-office hit, Cry of the Wild, would eventually gross over $5 million in North America.

Cry of the Wild by Bill Mason

Not bad for a documentary! Bill Mason had already made a TV documentary on wolves a few years earlier entitled Death of a Legend. Lobo - The Wolf that changed America. El lobo ibérico. La conservación de una especie clave. Mystery of the Wolf. Prehistoric Predators: Dire Wolf.