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Flax & twine for easy craft tutorials and diy projects: Day 1: A Strand of Pearls - a diy ribbon and pearl necklace. Yippee–here it is–Day number 1.

flax & twine for easy craft tutorials and diy projects: Day 1: A Strand of Pearls - a diy ribbon and pearl necklace

I think this necklace actually was the first thing that I made in my jewelry-making frenzy to fill Allie’s Advent Calendar. I love the blue next to the pearls and love the lines the undulating ribbon and smooth pearls make together. This ribbon strand ties in a bow in the back to whatever length your little girl desires.

The overall length on this one is 28″, but with the bow, she can shorten it to whatever length she likes. DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace. Ready for another tutorial?

DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace

What a pretty necklace. Not a pretty price! DIY Leather Wrapped Rings. DIY Tutorial: Wrapped Ring. Double Strand Lace Headband. Today’s headband DIY is how to make a Double Strand Headband.

Double Strand Lace Headband

This headband is made almost exactly the same way as the Single Lace Headband. All you need is 36 inches of lace or ribbon 1 inch width or narrower. Flax & twine for easy craft tutorials and diy projects. DIY Pumpkin and Candy Corn Earrings. Well you can find these Halloween and Fall inspired earrings in my shop HERE for $1.49 or you can make your own.

DIY Pumpkin and Candy Corn Earrings

Here is what you will need: Buttons in yellow, orange, and white Beads in yellow, orange, white, and green. DIY hex nut earrings. Hello everyone!!!

DIY hex nut earrings

Today is a very special day! First of all, it's Saturday and Saturdays are nice... :) And secondly, I'm officially posting my very first tutorial here today! Tadaaaaaa! The style of the earrings, with the arrowhead form and the chain to make them nice and dangly, was inspired by the lovely blog at a bit of sunshine. Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial. I thought with pretty good certainty that the last corsage I would ever pin on was at Senior Prom in High School.

Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial

But I was wrong. A few weeks ago I visited the Quilting Cottage in American Fork, Utah. I love the Quilting Cottage, which is not only a quaint little store, but they have a wonderful selection of fabrics. {macramé: half knot spiral} washer & wingnut bracelet.

By Kate on October 25, 2011 Hello there!

{macramé: half knot spiral} washer & wingnut bracelet

I finally got around to posting after a hectic few weeks. I’ve been working on a big project which is all done and dusted now so I will be making more frequent updates between now and Christmas…phew! I sincerely wish there were more hours in the day! I’m hoping to post another Halloween craft in the next day or so. How to Make Wrap Bracelets - DIY Wrap Bracelet - Honestly WTF - StumbleUpon.

You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists.

DIY Wrap Bracelet - Honestly WTF - StumbleUpon

The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out these wristlets with your eyes closed.