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Zodiac connects all

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13. The Zodiac. By John P.

The Zodiac

Pratt Published as "The Constellations Tell of Christ," by Meridian Magazine (15 Jun 2005). ©2005 by John P. Pratt. All rights Reserved. Ancient Antikythera Mechanism Continues to Amaze with Recent Discovery.

Tarot the Zodiac , Judaism connnection

The compass of enoch image by Portugoal on Photobucket. Google Image Result for. 4*2*3 The Solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx « Reconciliation of Science and Religion. This post suggests to answer what the real significance of the sequence ‘4 2 3’ in the Riddle of the Sphinx is pointing us toward.

4*2*3 The Solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx « Reconciliation of Science and Religion

I believe I am the first to solve this riddle the way it was intended, on another level, on a level I found quite by accident. Whoa…there I go again, making another outlandish claim. But have you noticed lately that I actually do provide damn good proof to many of my outlandish, mad claims? This solution to this riddle and its implied consequences may have arrived just in time for 2012. Whoa …holy ego … there I golem again by adding a hint of prophecy. Dendera zodiac. Coordinates: The Dendera zodiac as displayed at the Louvre Dates of eclipses[edit] Solar eclipse on 7 March 51 BC Sylvie Cauville of the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research at Utrecht University and Éric Aubourg dated it to 50 BC through an examination of the configuration it shows of the five planets known to the Egyptians, a configuration that occurs once every thousand years, and the identification of two eclipses.[3]

Dendera zodiac

Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. There were 20 individual named days, as shown in the table below: Day Gods Each of the twenty days is linked to a different god in Mayan mythology[2]

Mayan Tzolkin Calendar

Zodiac. Wu Xing. From New World Encyclopedia In ancient Taoist thought,Wu Xing (Chinese: 五行; pinyin: wǔxíng), or the Five Phases, usually translated as five elements, five movements, or five steps are five dynamic qualities or energies that can be perceived in all natural phenomena.

Wu Xing

The elements are: Metal (Chinese:金, pinyin: jīn, "gold")Wood (Chinese: 木, pinyin: mù)Water (Chinese: 水, pinyin: shuǐ)Fire (Chinese:火, pinyin: huǒ),Earth (Chinese:土, pinyin: tǔ). The system of five phases was used for describing interactions and interpreting relationships between phenomena. It was employed as a device in many fields of early Chinese thought, including geomancy or feng shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, art, military strategy, and martial arts. Origin and meaning The Chinese character 行 (xing, hsing), though translated as “phase” or “element,” is a verb meaning “to act” or “to go.” Each of the five agents is associated with a specific element in each group of five.

Cycles Generating Overcoming. Feng Shui Studies - Feng Shui Basic Level. Google Image Result for. Astrology Signs. Zodiac Symbols. Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Zodiac and Its Signs. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next p. 53.

Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Zodiac and Its Signs

The ZODIAC Names Revealed. (Their etymologies are not what we are told) By In this essay, I will provide a new understanding of the Zodiac names as given in Latin.

The ZODIAC Names Revealed

Zodiac is known as "Burçlar Kușagi" in Turkish. The ZODIAC is a circle of twelve constellations (i.e., a collection of stars) in space identified with earthly animal names. Ethiopian Astronomy/Zodiac « An Ethiopian Journal. Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization Part 2 By John G.

Ethiopian Astronomy/Zodiac « An Ethiopian Journal

Jackson (1939) In the study of ancient affairs, folklore and tradition throw an invaluable light on historical records. ARIES SIGN OF THE ZODIAC HOROSCOPE. ARIES - 21 March - 20 April The Pioneer of the Zodiac, Aries is ruled by MARS, and its symbol is the RAM.


Its natural place is the FIRST HOUSE, the house of Personal Identity. Independent Aries is a FIRE sign, impulsive and energetic. Rarely looking before it leaps, Aries sometimes has a problem completing tasks, too caught up in the allure of the Next Big Thing. Aries is a sign of new beginnings, and as an Arian you tend to be a quick thinker and doer, but you are apt to lack patience with those who aren't. On the upside, you are willing to make sacrifices, sometimes major ones, in order to help yourself or others. Taoism and the Arts of China (Art Institute of Chicago) The Zodiac. Pyramids, DNA, and The Elements. The Great Pyramids, DNA, and The Elements Edmond H. Wollmann Original draft October 14, 1995 abbreviated version published in April 1998 issue of Horoscope Magazine A companion article for this paper can be found here Wisdom, The Elements, and The Gospels Just outside Bombay India in an eighth century temple, stands the "Mask or Face Of Eternity" a sculpture in the center of which is the "Mask", a face which is looking straight forward.

The persona described by Carl Jung is the "Mask" or false face that is created psychologically by the oversoul upon incarnation, that allows a focused facet of the soul to interact with physicality. These three modes (squares) of expression manifest through the four elements (triangles) of definition. 1) The Great Pyramids (4 TRIANGLES ON SQUARE BASE), 2) DNA (Four Nucleotide acid BASES adenine/thymine/cytosine/guanine) expressed through RNA (UNITS OF THREE) as the UNIVERSAL GENETIC CODE,