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Corporate/wp-content/uploads/case_studies/DZN-SYNTHESIO-Luxury_Brands_in_Social_Media-FR-whp.pdf. E-luxe » Le top 10 des marques de luxe sur Internet. Pour la deuxième fois, Luxury Lab a publié il y a quelques semaines un classement des marques de luxe les plus actives sur Internet.

e-luxe » Le top 10 des marques de luxe sur Internet

Il y a encore quelques années, peu de maisons de luxe se seraient lancées sur la toile. D’après Scott Galloway, fondateur de Luxury Lab, « la crise économique, l’émergence de la génération Y (1975-1995) tournée vers le monde digital et un investissement sur les produits numériques de plus en plus payant, ont incité les entreprises à investir aussi bien en terme de capital financier qu’humain dans le digital en 2010″.

Les critères du classement Luxury Lab 1. Le référencement de la marque sur Internet. Quelles marques de luxe ont les plus gros "QI Facebook"? Annoncer ici. Memology 2011 : les sujets les plus populaires sur Facebook en 2011. 4 Creative Ways To Reward Your Facebook Fans. A key part of your Facebook marketing strategy is figuring out how to build and engage your fan base—and one of the best ways to do this is by rewarding your Facebook audience for becoming and staying fans.

4 Creative Ways To Reward Your Facebook Fans

"Fans have signaled a level of passion or connection with a brand, so rewarding that acknowledgement only further endears the brand to those fans," says Blake Cahill, principal and president of social media agency Banyan Branch. "Giving fans what they want can vary from discounts, to empowering them to support causes, to providing them with exclusive content and information. In many cases, success is a mix of all of these. " Here are four great ways to reward your Facebook fans for their continued engagement and support: 1. Discounts and specials are definitely among the most popular ways of rewarding Facebook fans, says Ron Schott, senior strategist at the Spring Creek Group. There are also low-cost applications you can use to create custom fan-only tabs for your Facebook Page. 2. 3.

F-Commerce, the Arrival of the Facebook Consumer. Janice Diner | May 10, 2011 | 11 Comments inShare0 Retailers, businesses, and brands test approaches for commerce inside or influenced by Facebook.

F-Commerce, the Arrival of the Facebook Consumer

What is social commerce? Wikipedia defines it this way: "Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. " The F-Commerce FAQ. 17,553 views Featured in: Business.

The F-Commerce FAQ

2010 Memology: Top Status Trends of the Year. Médias & Publicité : Facebook, service d'utilité publique au Japon. Retrouver des proches, donner des nouvelles: en cas de crise, le réseau social est devenu indispensable.

Médias & Publicité : Facebook, service d'utilité publique au Japon

Le commandement américain dans le Pacifique, qui supervise l'opération «Tomodachi» («Amis») d'assistance au Japon, a dû se résoudre la semaine dernière à couper l'accès à certains sites Internet au Japon pour libérer de la bande passante nécessaire pour les communications, dans le cadre des opérations de secours. Facebook Engagement Rate. 65,259 views Featured in: Business, Technology Our new research: a metric to measure the engagement between users and companies on Facebook. ...

Facebook Engagement Rate

Our new research: a metric to measure the engagement between users and companies on Facebook. The research looked into more than 100 Facebook fan pages mantained by different brands of different sizes. Regardless of size, number of fans or industry, fans showed common behaviors by rewarding key achievements from the brand and showing little interest when the brand does not share real value or, simply, the created content is not what the audience is looking for. Statistics.


Facebook 'Like' Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality. Say goodbye to the Share button because the Like button is taking over.

Facebook 'Like' Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality

After months of updates to its Like button, Facebook has released an update that fundamentally changes the button's functionality to that of a Share button. Now after hitting the Like button, a full story with a headline, blurb and thumbnail will be posted to your profile wall. You'll also be given an option to comment on the story link. Previously, only a link to the story would appear in the recent activity, often going unnoticed by users. Though users may now think twice about hitting the button, given how prominently it will appear on their walls and in their networks' newsfeeds, it should ultimately increase traffic to publishers' websites. Facebook has slowly been rolling out updates to its Like button and has stopped developing the Share Button.

Perhaps the change was necessary. We want to know what you think. Facebook brand page: How to manage them effectively? 14,296 views How can a brand maximize its share of attention in the facebook echo-system ?

Facebook brand page: How to manage them effectively?

How can they transform this attention into interaction, engagement and advocacy? ... Social Networks/Blogs Now Account for One in Every Four and a Half Minutes Online. Homosemiotikus's posterous - Bloc-notes.