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Digital Transformatie

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Digital Belgium. Digitale technologie verandert in sneltempo onze economie en onze samenleving.

Digital Belgium

De digitale revolutie zorgt voor heel wat nieuwe kansen en zal de volgende jaren één van de sterkste motoren zijn van groei, jobs en welzijn. Ons land moet die kansen grijpen. Future - ‘Wisdom of the crowd’: The myths and realities. Is The Lord of the Rings the greatest work of literature of the 20th Century?

Future - ‘Wisdom of the crowd’: The myths and realities

Is The Shawshank Redemption the best movie ever made? Both have been awarded these titles by public votes. You don’t have to be a literary or film snob to wonder about the wisdom of so-called ‘wisdom of the crowd’. In an age routinely denounced as selfishly individualistic, it’s curious that a great deal of faith still seems to lie with the judgement of the crowd, especially when it can apparently be far off the mark.

Yet there is some truth underpinning the idea that the masses can make more accurate collective judgements than expert individuals. The notion that a group’s judgement can be surprisingly good was most compellingly justified in James Surowiecki’s 2005 book The Wisdom of Crowds, and is generally traced back to an observation by Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton in 1907. Flawed thinking Still, Surowiecki also pointed out that the crowd is far from infallible. Financial meltdown.

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Digital Transformation Examples - Board of Innovation. Examples Digital Transformation Book your ticket to the future!

Digital Transformation Examples - Board of Innovation

Rethink the future Digital Transformation Programs are one of the main triggers why large enterprises contact us. Traditional (industrial) corporates feel the pressure to rethink their business models. In order to do so, the whole organisation has to evolve. List of 22 ‘transformation cases’ How do you structure a digital transformation process, who needs to be involved, where to start? Eaton, the US based power management major, offers the “eNotify Remote Monitoring” service that provides 24×7 remote monitoring of connected Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems. Sector: Oil & EnergyCompany: EatonLearn more: Source FreemiumRemote sensingAnomaly detection GE using 3D-printing to make parts for it’s new Leap Engine.

Nike; digital transformation case study. A roadmap and a business case are not enough for digital transformation. “All I need is a tall ship and a star to sail her by,” Sea Fever by John Masefield The digital analogy is “give me a roadmap, a business case and a company to digitize.”

A roadmap and a business case are not enough for digital transformation

Executives believe these make sense at the start of a digital transformation initiative. They are right in wanting to know where you are, where you are going and the resources you have to get there. These are important issues for transformation, but they do not equate to a strategy and without a strategy it is easy for your digital ship to founder. Founder in the sense that the digital ship cannot sail beyond its business as usual rocks. 6 tips for creating a business case for Digital Transformation. Often, one of the greatest challenges for marketers is persuading senior leaders to more fully embrace digital within their organisations.

6 tips for creating a business case for Digital Transformation

Many marketers have a good idea about what they want to do, but need to argue the case internally in order to receive funding. In many cases, this is the major barrier to moving towards digital transformation. In those organisations where digital isn’t given much prominence, it is usually because the business has not yet been affected by a real negative impact on their revenues because of digital. Leadership teams haven't been forced to look holistically at their organisation and consider where digital can play a major role in improving performance. In organisations where this isn’t a problem, digital is likely to be either a key revenue stream, an operational necessity or a key differentiator, so digital is the key part of the overall business strategy.

Here are six elements your business case should include: 1. 2. A measurement framework should: 3. 4. An inspiring digital transformation case study: Travelex. Digital transformation case studies are difficult to come by.

An inspiring digital transformation case study: Travelex

That's why I was delighted to hear Sean Cornwell, Chief Digital Officer at Travelex, discussing the brand's journey at the Festival of Marketing. Here's what he had to say... The five Travelex tenets Focus on long term enterprise value creation. Short term revenue/EBITDA is not a priority.Aggressively pursue potential growth opportunities across the spend/send segments around forex.Willing to be disruptive and innovative in our approach with business models.Aim to build large user bases of customers using our products.Invest in a range of different areas and initiatives. The Travelex roadmap. 15 MIT DD Strategy small. Digital transformation: van Fashionistas naar Digirati - Frankwatching. Fijn dat je er bent ;-) Je ziet het goed: Frankwatching zit achter een cookiewall.

Digital transformation: van Fashionistas naar Digirati - Frankwatching

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