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Set-Up a usability test

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Quick tip: make your own iPhone usability testing sled for £5. iPhones are wonderful things for many reasons, but you can’t run screen-recording or screen-sharing software in the background during research sessions.

Quick tip: make your own iPhone usability testing sled for £5

Even if you could, it would make the device run like treacle and you’d miss out on getting footage of your user’s fingers, which is pretty important. This makes using a sled a good idea. A sled is the thing you use to mount a camera onto your mobile device in a usability testing session. It allows the user to hold the device in their hand and move it around in a relatively natural way, while ensuring the camera is always focused properly on the screen. If you were to buy one from a lab supplier, you could end up with something heavy, over-designed and expensive – as much as $3,500 for a sled with two cameras! I dropped in to our local plastic merchants and asked them to cut some 3mm transparent acrylic to shape and bend it using a heater strip. 24 hours and £5 later they handed me this: (8-May-2010) Edit: more tips! Filming mobile device usability testing is easy with Mr. Tappy. Mr.

Filming mobile device usability testing is easy with Mr. Tappy

Tappy is a purpose-built adjustable camera rig, made with precision, and lots of love. All the components are beautifully finished. Check out the knurling on those nuts! What's he made of? He's built tough from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium with stainless steel fixings and is finely engineered for precision adjustment. How do I set him up? Mr Tappy was born to pose for the camera. Mr. He holds onto the back of your device with a sticky pad. All that yoga has paid off. He's precision milled from aircraft grade alloy and stainless steel. Set him up to film smart phone action, ...or add another arm to roll with a tablet. He's got all the angles, and he knows it.

Yes, Mr. tappy is a Kiwi, made by other Kiwis. We love inquisitive people Please see the 'everything else' page for answers to questions like: Why is Mr. ... and stacks more. ... In case you missed it on the home page, here's a video of Mr. Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB Document Camera. Superior Real-Time Document and iDevice Capture IPEVO has raised the bar yet again with Ziggi-HD.

Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB Document Camera

With new high-resolution formats, up to 6x zoom, and a powerful 5.0 Megapixel camera, Ziggi-HD delivers stunning real-time HD video for teachers, presenters, and businesspeople — all still at hundreds less than conventional document cameras. Bring the Smallest Details to Life With a 5.0 Megapixel camera, Ziggi-HD is capable of astonishing high-definition clarity and stunning details from as close as 2 inches (5cm) away. From small text, intricate science diagrams, and fine artwork details all the way up to entire A3 sheets, the versatile Ziggi-HD brings your teaching materials to life. PowWow. Morae 3 Tutorials. 24 Usability Testing Tools. [UPDATE as of October 2014] An UPDATED article with newer information is available on my site, please make sure you check it out: 14 Usability Testing Tools In the past few years, there has been massive growth in new and exciting cheap or free web site usability testing tools, so here’s my list of 24 tools you may need to use from time to time.

24 Usability Testing Tools

Gone are the days of using expensive recruitment firms, labs and massive amounts of time to create, deploy and report on usability tests. Usability and User Experience. I’m always updating this list; to suggest a product please contact me.

Usability and User Experience

(Click on a product name to visit the company’s website) Products in this category facilitate user testing sessions and in some cases post-test data analysis. Some products are designed for in-person sessions while others are meant for remote user testing. Camtasia - A desktop recording tool from the makers of Morae. Camtasia was designed for creating “screencasts” like software demonstrations. ClickTale – A hosted service that records and plays back user visits to your website. Ethnio – A remote user recruitment tool that adds a recruitment survey to your website.

GazeHawk – A remote, hosted eye-tracking solution that conducts eye-tracking studies on your behalf for any website. The Website, the Webcam, and the Test Plan: Simple and Exciting Website Usability Testing. Allow me to set the scene: I'm standing behind the first of several testing volunteers we've arranged to come and spend a few minutes using our website.

The Website, the Webcam, and the Test Plan: Simple and Exciting Website Usability Testing

He's sitting at my computer studying our homepage, which we've asked him to do for a minute or so without clicking any links. Lauren, one of our project managers who is guiding this round of testing, asks him to narrate his observations. "Clearly Newfangled are web developers. That's easy enough...You guys have a lot of different clients. " So far so good, I'm thinking. "..If I was just coming to this site the first thing I would wonder is...well, every thing seems pretty specific, like, lots of little articles... " True, true, we work hard. "...but if none of these interest me, I don't know exactly where I would click to just see a basic, um, "what we do"—even like a two line... " Wait, what? Doesn't he see the positioning statement (two lines, by the way) right there in front of his face?