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Facebook Twitter Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX) Engadget UK - Gadgets and consumer electronics news and reviews. Connect Object : Le blog des objets connectés. Born on the Web (February 2015). Sign Up for CUA Central - CUA Central. Interaction Designer. Usability Counts - Usability, User Experience and Social Media. Posts about UX, UI, IA, design strategy, data analytics, and more UX ramblings. Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers. ConversionXL. Before you get out your pitchforks, I want to stress that this article does not represent Peep’s views.


The easiest lies to believe are the ones we want to be true, and nothing speaks to us more than validation of the work we are doing or what we already believe. Due to this we become naturally defensive when someone challenges that world view. The “truth” is that there is no single state of truth and that all actions, disciplines, and behaviors can and should be evaluated for growth opportunities. Gamestorming. UX for the masses. Closure Experiences. IM FREE : banque d'images gratuites.

L’industrie des banques d’images prospère sur le porte-monnaie des designers.

IM FREE : banque d'images gratuites

Elle a fournit les créatifs en images libres de droit pendant des années, et la plupart préfère aujourd’hui piocher dans leurs archives à chaque fois qu’ils ont un projet en cours. Pourtant, tout le monde n’est pas du même avis et certains pensent au contraire que les designers devraient toujours pouvoir s’approvisionner régulièrement en images de qualité et de premier choix. Les agences de microstock possèdent des millions de photos de basse qualité et les vendent souvent à un prix exorbitant, mais, réjouissez-vous, car il existe aujourd’hui un endroit où il est possible de trouver une grande quantité d’images commerciales d’excellente qualité, prises par des photographes professionnels, et qu’il est possible de télécharger autant de fois que l’on veut.

Cet endroit se nomme IM FREE. Le projet très innovant de IM Free est de développer un véritable outil social et artisanal. Buzz par Kennymatic. The Blog. Marc Heleven, Expert at 21 / Pornhub Creative Director Challenge - Six Revisions - Web Design Articles, News, Tutorials. Line25 Web Design Blog.

Blog Marketing Digital, Social Media, Marketing Viral, Web Design et Technologie. Publiz - Inspiration graphique et publicité créative. High Velocity Human Factors: Touch Screen User-Interfaces: Touching to KNOW vs.Touching to say NO. Touché to TOUCH?!

High Velocity Human Factors: Touch Screen User-Interfaces: Touching to KNOW vs.Touching to say NO

We have evolved the sense of Touch to Know, to glean information about an object. In this context, a physical object is its own user-interface. It doesn't require a Capacitive or Inductive Touch Screen to probe it and get a pixilated answer on the screen! Why? By touching an object we learn about its status. Sometimes we touch objects with a purpose. to brush away dirtto make indentsto scratch or scour it off some wanted or unwanted material Touch as a Mode of Interaction Physical manipulation -- pushing a button, flicking a toggle, pulling a T-handle, turning a knob/wheel, etc. -- was the norm for user-interaction in the industrial age. Next came the Analog Professional where the physical effort was made easy due to hydraulics, solenoids and actuators (e.g., Power Steering). BBC World News - Click. To Change Tunes, a Nod Will Be as Good as a Wink.

Health Data Exploration project. Executive SummaryFinal ReportAnnotated BibliographyAppendices Home .

Health Data Exploration project

About . Advisory Board . Project Updates . Ui Kit Rainy Season on Behance. Nano Supermarket - What Is Nanosupermarket? The NANO Supermarket bus received over 45.000 visitors since its opening.

Nano Supermarket - What Is Nanosupermarket?

Check out the tour schedule for details. Browse through our product collection and create your personal technology profile by telling us which products you would or would not buy. If you are interested in hosting the NANO Supermarket at your event, please contact us. – Exploring the Nature caused by People. Lost Type Co-op. Blog Design Graphique. GraphicBurger. Designspiration — Design Inspiration. Design Tips, Tutorials and Inspiration - Graphic Design Inspiration, Tutorials, Resources, Freebies, and More! - You The Designer.

Design Inspiration.


Line 20. Le Publigeekaire : Blog publicitaire et geek. Design Gallery, Articles & Community. Tenth Grade Tech Trends — Product Design. A few months ago, my fifteen-year-old sister told me that Snapchat was going to be the next Instagram.

Tenth Grade Tech Trends — Product Design

Many months before that she told me that Instagram was being used by her peers as much as Facebook. Both times I snickered. Learning from past mistakes, I took some time over the holiday break to ask my sister many, many questions about how she and her friends are using technology. Below I’ve shared some of the more interesting observations about Instragram, Facebook, Instant Messaging, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and FaceTime. 20 Great Examples of the Flat Trend in Web Design. Blog Marketing Digital, Social Media, Marketing Viral, Web Design et Technologie. Basics » Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Fertility Flower. Period and Ovulation Mobile App for Women. P&G along with Always, a leading player in feminine protection market, has launched the Always Me mobile application – a period and ovulation tracker.

Period and Ovulation Mobile App for Women

The application was designed with inputs from a select group of women-focused Web site editors, bloggers and female health experts to help satisfy a fundamental need for women. Not just a standard period and ovulation tracker, the Always Me application is a personalized, on-the-go application that helps women manage their cycles and offers timely support and advice, the company says. Healthy Pregnancy Research Site. Le tour en 80 initiatives de marques. Hubze. Telemedicine is slowly being accepted. Compliance visits at the doctor'scould be dropped by telemedicine;©

Telemedicine is slowly being accepted

Michaudeau Trips to the doctor when you live in the country are getting longer and longer while the patients are getting older and older. “The demographic development virtually forces the increased use of telemedicine“, says Wolfgang Loos. The Managing Director of the board of the German Society for Telemedicine (DGTelemed) points out that 2010 was a very important year for telemedicine.

“The German Medical Association Annual Conference in Dresden last year was a milestone“, Loos continues. Increasing acceptance by doctors The medical community will certainly also show more openness in the future towards the benefits of telematics: a study by the German Medical Association in August 2010 showed that 73 percent of physicians recognize the importance of telemedicine in general and if anything would ascribe advantages over disadvantages to it.

TED: Ideas worth spreading. Creative Sandbox by Google. J’ai lu pour vous « winning the ZMOT » par Google. Dans le genre, je vulgarise à fond mes concepts, Google a sorti en mars 2010 un ebook intitulé « Winning the zero moment of truth« . Pour simplifier « zero moment of truth » est abrégé en ZMOT. J’ai profité de ce long week-end estival pour le lire. Pour commencer, le ZMOT fait suite au concept de « First Moment of Truth » (aka FMOT) inventé par Procter & Gamble en 2005 pour définir la première interaction entre un consommateur et l’étagère où se trouve le produit que l’on souhaite lui faire acheter. 160 boutons d’ajout au panier (français) à la loupe. Trendy web news blog. Blogs. VIRALBLOG.COM – VIRAL IDEAS & SOCIAL TRENDS -

Kick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur. David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence. Our Thinking. Blog.SpoonGraphics.