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Din-ink-pen-cutlery-zo-loft-design-2.jpg (Image JPEG, 1191x700 pixels) Edible Pen. Edible Pens by Dave Hakkens.

Edible Pen

A lot of us chew on our pens constantly, Im sure many will appreciate this! "The candy which is used doesn’t stick on anything and doesn't melt when it's in your hans. (To get an idea: It has the same texture as candy bracelets.)It contains 22 pieces and is filled with edible ink. The only thing which isn't edible is the small point where you write with. When finished you throw it away or put in in a new re-fill pen. " [via] De la viande au dessert. BBQ Tray. Anafim. ‘Din-ink’ pen cutlery by ZO_loft Design. Winners of ‘Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge’ The Tribute 21 Plate Challenge is part of Felissimo’s “cause-related merchandise.”

winners of ‘Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge’

The Felissimo Tribute 21 Plate project began in 1996 with the desire to make the dreams of children around the world come true. The plates feature designs and messages by celebrities and influential people from all walks of life, carrying wishes and inspirations for future generations. For each plate sold, a portion of the proceeds is allocated to the “Felissimo Plate Fund.” 50% of this fund is donated to UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Centers and the other 50% is divided amongst the charities that have been selected by the individual participants of this project.

So far, the Tribute 21 Plate series has contributed $450,000 to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center Fund. From the Challenge Brief: Create a graphic design for a Tribute 21 Plate that communicates a wish, inspiration or message for children and future generations about happiness that’s in harmony with our surroundings. ‘I think ‘Happy’ is not far from us. Cute Cupcake Tin. ‘Wheel of Nutrition’ by Rui Pereira and Hafsteinn Juliusson for HAF. Recyclez vos vinyles des années 80 ! - OrSériE - Le journal du Beau & du Bien-être. Etienne Meneau : petit cœur, idée cadeau 995 Cadeaux originaux et insolites sur le blog d´idées cadeaux : Miss Cadeaux, plus de 2300 idées cadeaux. Food Face « Bombsaway_648.jpg (Image JPEG, 648x648 pixels) Mix Stix « Ignacio Pilotto. Design for Fred with Jason Amendolara 2009 Who doesn’t remember knocking out defening drum solos on mom’s pots and pans as she cooked beside you?

Mix Stix « Ignacio Pilotto

Mix Stix gives us “adults” an excuse to play again. It’s a classic set of wooden spoons with a twist. Give the sauce a stir, then flip ‘em over and bang out your best Buddy Rich. Made from high-quality beech wood harvested from enviromentally managed forests. The Gadget Spot – Cool Stuff E – Spoon Sisters – Perpetual Kid – Amazon - ModCloth Like this: Like Loading... Service à pique-nique « La Bomba » Edible Tableware. Japanese designer Nobuhiko Arikawa of Rice-Design has created edible tableware for Orto Cafe in Japan.

Edible Tableware

The plates, bowls and chopsticks are intended to replace disposable paper tableware. The pieces are made from hardtack, a biscuit dough made from flour, water and salt which was traditionally used as dry emergency rations at sea. The biscuits will last for months as long as they are kept dry. (via Dezeen) THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD.