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Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter. Last week I introduced a pedagogical framework for using Twitter in your teaching, organized along two axes: monologic to dialogic and passive to active.

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter

These high-falutin terms are fine for a theoretical matrix, but what about the real life implementation of Twitter in and outside of your classroom? How do you actually do it? I'm going to leave behind the pedagogy (mostly) in this post, and instead offer some practical advice for teaching with Twitter. I'll cover six aspects of Twitter integration where it pays to plan ahead of time (i.e. sometime last week): organization, access, frequency, substance, archiving, and assessment. I'll deal with of each of these areas in turn, but before I do, and if you're new to Twitter, I want to urge you to read Ryan Cordell's comprehensive ProfHacker primer on Twitter.

Organization A question I often hear from colleagues interested in using Twitter is Do I have to follow all of my students in order to teach with Twitter? Access Frequency Substance. This Week’s Strategic E-Learning Advice from the Community - Articulate – Word of Mouth Blog. Articulate Network The Rapid E-Learning Blog Practical, real-world tips fore-learning success.

This Week’s Strategic E-Learning Advice from the Community - Articulate – Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth: The Articulate Blog The inside scoop for Articulate news and product updates. Community Blogs Get the scoop directly frome-learning's heroes. Experience the software that setsthe standard for rapid authoring. Buy Studio ’09 now, get Studio ’13 for free when it ships.Buy Articulate Studio ’09 now, and you’ll also get Articulate Studio ’13 for freewhen it ships. This Week’s Strategic E-Learning Advice from the Community Dec132010 Written by Jeanette — Posted in Community No comments This guest blog post is by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks.

You can never have too many allies when it comes to strategizing how to build great e-learning. New to the Articulate community? Notable tutorials: Free Technology for Teachers. Emerging Technologies: Overview. A Dozen Handpicked E-Learning Resources. It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the last quarter of 2010.

A Dozen Handpicked E-Learning Resources

This year seems to have flown by. I’ve had fun with travel across the country and getting to meet so many blog readers at various conferences. This past week I dedicated a little bit of time trying to catch up on some reading. As I looked over my feed reader, I realized just how much good stuff I missed. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been busy, as well. Odds are that during the summer months elearning wasn’t on the top of your list.

Handpicked E-Learning Tutorials 50 practical how-to tutorials. Going into the Articulate Guru Awards, I thought it would be a good idea to put together some information that would help those who weren’t sure what to do. Tips on building content for your elearning portfolio. Free PowerPoint Templates Let’s face it: everyone loves free stuff! Tabbed PowerPoint Template Clipart-based PowerPoint Template Flip Card PowerPoint Template 10 Free Audio Applications From the Community Tidbits: