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L'alternative décroissante

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Une France convivialiste dans dix ans ? À quoi ressemblerait-elle ? Premières esquisses - Université Paris Diderot.

Objecter la croissance

Les théoriciens. Pratiquer la décroissance. Does the Gift Economy Undermine Economic Growth? Excerpted from Charles Eisenstein: “Why don’t we need each other?

Does the Gift Economy Undermine Economic Growth?

It is be­cause all the gift re­la­tion­ships upon which we once de­pended are now paid ser­vices. They have been con­verted into ser­vice work which the mar­ket con­verts into cash. What is there left to con­vert? Whether fos­sil fuels, top­soil, aquifers, the at­mos­phere’s ca­pac­ity to ab­sorb waste; whether it is food, cloth­ing, shel­ter, med­i­cine, music, or our col­lec­tive cul­tural be­quest of sto­ries and ideas, nearly all have be­come com­modi­ties.

From this per­spec­tive, a third con­se­quence of the gift cir­cle and other forms of gift econ­omy be­comes ap­par­ent. The same tran­si­tion to the gift is un­der­way in the so­cial realm. Whether nat­ural or so­cial, the recla­ma­tion of the gift-based com­mon­wealth not only has­tens the col­lapse of a growth-de­pen­dent money sys­tem, it also mit­i­gates its sever­ity. L'appauvrissement volontaire. Rethinking Economic Growth. Written by David A.

Rethinking Economic Growth

Jones (Guest Author) on . I recently read Manfred Max-Neef and Philip B. Idées anti-autoritaires pour l'adaptation à la décroissance. Il faut un triptyque économique ! Revenu de vie, sobriété et efficacité économique. L’économie est un des piliers du développement durable.

Il faut un triptyque économique ! Revenu de vie, sobriété et efficacité économique

Aujourd’hui, les crises financières et économique à répétition ont des conséquences dramatiques sur les 2 autres piliers. Le contexte social devient particulièrement difficile. Pourtant, le travail ne manque pas. Ce qui manque, ce sont des emplois. Notre modèle économique basé sur la croissance n’est pas sans conséquence non plus sur le changement climatique. Le social et l’écologie sont étouffés par notre modèle économique. Revenu de vie Le dividende universel, connu aussi sous d’autres appellations comme revenu de vie, revenu d’existence, revenu citoyen, revenu universel, revenu social garanti, revenu de base, allocation universelle… a une similitude intéressante avec les énergies renouvelables.

Le vent, le soleil ou l’eau sont des flux. Sobriété économique Nous jetons l’argent par la fenêtre ! Today's flourishing enterprises should focus on wellbeing rather than growth. We need businesses that focus on delivering wellbeing, rather than maximising growth.

Today's flourishing enterprises should focus on wellbeing rather than growth

Photograph: AGB Photo Library/REX FEATURES When I run sessions with business executives on growth, wellbeing, and innovation, I say that people don't have to buy my analysis of the problem to buy my ideas on the solution. That's because I think we are now living in an era of "uneconomic growth" and we therefore have no choice but to redefine prosperity as being about wellbeing not growth. But even if, despite all the evidence, growth is still possible or likely, surely it makes sense for our economy to move on to defining prosperity not as more "stuff" and money but more wellbeing? If you disagree with that idea, you won't like what follows, but I hope you will read on. Why do I talk about "beyond-growth" economics? And, despite all the rapid growth causing all that destruction, since the 1970s, wellbeing has flatlined in the developed world. So what's the growth for? The numbers are scary.