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Occupy Wall Street Camps in Los Angeles, Philadelphia Dismantled in Massive Police Raids. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Overnight, more than a thousand police raided the Occupy Los Angeles encampment in a park outside City Hall. After a series of dispersal orders, police arrested scores of people as they carried out the eviction of what has been the largest Occupy camp in the country, which began on October 1st. Meanwhile, Occupy Philadelphia protesters vacated their encampment earlier this morning after more than a thousand police moved in and warned them of mass arrests. For an update, we go to Los Angeles, where we’re joined via Democracy Now! Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia - IT'S A LIBERTY WALK! CUNY raises tuition as fee hikes spread across campuses. Le camp des anti-Wall Street de Los Angeles démantelé.

Occupy LA Evicted: Tina Dupuy's First Hand Account. Occupy Wall Street @ Hong Kong, Central - Son, do you know? 佔領中環之《囝仔,你甘知》