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'ACTA a lightning rod for web freedom fighters' ACTA - message for the POLES from Budapest. Anti-ACTA Day: Thousands protest across Europe. ACTA Protest Mashup. [video] ACTA: Get Informed & Take Action! On the occasion of the Free Culture Forum in Barcelona, La Quadrature du Net releases three films to inform citizens and urge them to take action against ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

[video] ACTA: Get Informed & Take Action!

ACTA is a threat to Internet users' fundamental freedoms and to EU Internet companies' competitiveness and free competition. The European Parliament will soon decide whether to give its consent to ACTA, or to reject it once and for all. Every citizen can help defeat ACTA by spreading this video across the Internet, urging their fellow citizens to mobilize, and contacting their elected representatives.