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MongoAdmin. Introducing a new admin interface for MongoDB, written in Python using Django and Bootstrap.


Features Beautiful interface with Bootstrap. [ Popular Links: mongoDB ~ the good to begin links. Sunday, May 20, 2012 mongoDB ~ the good to begin links mongoDB Download (OSX/Win/Linux/Solaris/Source): Cloud MongoDB Hosting (240MB Free): MongoDB vs Cassandra vs CouchDB vs Riak vs Neo4j vs Redis vs HBase vs MemBase: Home of Documentation by MongoDB's Admin Zone Quick Support Little MongoDB Book (free e-book):

[ Popular Links: mongoDB ~ the good to begin links

Production Deployments. MongoDB is a general purpose database that can be used for many different projects.

Production Deployments

MongoDB’s dynamic schema and object-oriented structure make it a great fit for real-time analytics and dashboarding along with ecommerce, mobile, archiving and more. See the use cases page for more details on implementations of MongoDB. MongoDB, Morphia and EmbedMongo » The Cubeia Blog. Most of the times when working with online games we run into the need to persist data that is produced by the games.

MongoDB, Morphia and EmbedMongo » The Cubeia Blog

This can be anything from hand history to game state to audit trails for remote calls to other systems. But what they usually have in common is that it is high volume writes, hardly any updates, some reads and that the data has large variation in what we need to store even if it is within the same context. That last part about the data having variations is what makes this interesting. You Only Wish MongoDB Wasn't Relational.

MongoDB = Get Stuff Done Update: Changed blog example to use a normal belongs-to relationship.

You Only Wish MongoDB Wasn't Relational

Update: Added examples of $slice and $elemMatch to show why they don’t work When choosing the stack for our TV guide service, we became interested in NoSQL dbs because we anticipated needing to scale horizontally. We evaluated several and settled on MongoDB.

The Little MongoDB Book

The MongoDB Collection. MongoDB Interactive Tutorial. MongoDB. MongoDB | node.js - Plugins/Etc.