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Narzędzia do tworzenia fiszek interaktywnych

Resources for teachers and parents: flashcards. Free ESL Flashcards. As a teacher I would say that the most important resource for the EFL/ESL classroom are flashcards.

Free ESL Flashcards

Personally, I can't teach without them. Flash cards are essential (especially with young learners) and can be used along with our flashcard games to make your class a more productive and fun place to be. The flashcards are currently available in colour with black and white cards coming soon. ESL, EFL and TEFL Games and Activities. This is a list of EFL/ESL flashcard games and activities, that can be used in the EFL/ESL classroom with the majority of structures and vocabulary.

ESL, EFL and TEFL Games and Activities

These ESL games are based around the use of flashcards. Most teachers will find flashcards to be the most important resource they can have in the classroom, especially with younger students. These ESL flashcard activities will help you use flashcards in a way that both you and your students will enjoy. About - ESL Flashcards. Free Flashcards, Free ESL Flashcards, Free Printables, ESL Flash Cards, Free Teaching Printables. Printable Flash Cards for Vocabulary Words-with Photographs. Sluggish Sluggish audio/easy/sluggish.mp3 adjective lacking energy; inactive Our cat is sluggish during the day.

Printable Flash Cards for Vocabulary Words-with Photographs

Flashcards. Fiszki Fiszkoteki® to skuteczna metoda nauki dla nie-mających-czasu. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff. Create amazing flashcards for free! Ba Ba Dum. Flashcard games and study tool optimized for vocabulary. Learning tools & flashcards, for free.