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Dangerous Minds. Sometimes Interesting. Boing Boing. The Human Marvels. P h r e e q u e s h o w. HYBRID AND MUTANT ANIMALS. Zoos and menageries once bred exotic-looking hybrid big cats to attract the public just as hybrid small cats (Bengal, Chausie etc) are now bred as pets.


The bigger and more ferocious looking, the better the public liked it. Due to conservation efforts, deliberate hybridization is prohibited in most zoos. It still happens in private collections and there are plenty of individuals willing to experiment with breeding different cat species together. Occasional hell - infernal device. Visit4info - The Place for TV Adverts and Funny Video Clips. GIANTmicrobes. Word count - Tracking the Way We Use Language. Tattoo Designs ? Largest tattoo gallery online. Ideas and art pictures for Tribal, Celtic, butterfly, cross, fairy, flower, lower back, dragon, sun, star, armband tattoos & more.

Konky 2000 Collections † Easter Eggs - Today I Found Out. BibliOdyssey. The Straight Dope - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973. Mental_floss magazine - Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix. Neatorama. Dark Roasted Blend. HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works!

Weird News from all over Asia. Drew Curtis' Top 10 Lists of Everything - Make the list. Top 10 Lists - Listverse.