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Dangerous Minds It’s remarkable the things people will go through in the name of science. In the case of Justin O. Schmidt, the man who developed the “Schmidt pain index,” our gratitude is even more difficult to measure. Schmidt, who published his landmark paper “Hemolytic Activities of Stinging Insect Venoms” in 1983, wanted to know which insect stings are the most painful, and in order to do so, he subjected himself to the pricks of countless creepy crawlies—including on his prick. Dangerous Minds
Sometimes Interesting Abandoned Home for the Abandoned: Forest Haven Asylum Welcome to Forest Haven, one of the most deadly institutions in the United States. This asylum for the mentally ill was built not far the nation’s capital in 1925, hidden in forested acreage away from the busy city center. The campus was beautiful, however care and treatment would deteriorate rapidly as the city’s budget tightened. Understaffing issues were common, and for decades reports of resident abuse and neglect went ignored. The District treated Forest Haven like a dark secret nobody wanted to discuss. Sometimes Interesting
Caroline Siede at 7:00 pm Sat, Apr 19, 2014 • 4 It’s good to be back in the Clone Club. The return of Orphan Black quite literally hits the ground running and never lets up in this action-packed, clone-filled premiere. Boing Boing Boing Boing
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HYBRID AND MUTANT ANIMALS HYBRID AND MUTANT ANIMALS Zoos and menageries once bred exotic-looking hybrid big cats to attract the public just as hybrid small cats (Bengal, Chausie etc) are now bred as pets. The bigger and more ferocious looking, the better the public liked it. Due to conservation efforts, deliberate hybridization is prohibited in most zoos. It still happens in private collections and there are plenty of individuals willing to experiment with breeding different cat species together.
occasional hell - infernal device Abbott, Geoffrey. The Book of Execution. London: Headline Book Publishing, 1995. Abbot, Geoffrey. occasional hell - infernal device
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Tattoo Designs ? Largest tattoo gallery online. Ideas and art pictures for Tribal, Celtic, butterfly, cross, fairy, flower, lower back, dragon, sun, star, armband tattoos & more. Tattoo Designs ? Largest tattoo gallery online. Ideas and art pictures for Tribal, Celtic, butterfly, cross, fairy, flower, lower back, dragon, sun, star, armband tattoos & more. Our website gets you and your tattooist on the same page before you even walk into the shop, getting you the tattoo you actually want, and saving you both time and money in the process! Be smart: Take all the time you need to search, save, download, and print. No regrets.
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Easter Eggs - Easter Eggs - Gravity Falls6-18 Posted Monday, December 30 in TV > TV Shows In every episode of Gravity Falls there is a reference to the number 618 (kind of like with Weird Al and 27 or Pixar and A113), which is Alex Hirsch and his twin sisters birthday. 618 appears on the cash register, in magazines and even on banners. Step By Step- New Kids On The BlockBandmate Brother/original Member Posted Monday, December 30 in Music > Music Videos In the step by step video where Donnie Wahlberg is on a motorcycle surrounded by friends, brother/actor/original nkotb member Mark Wahlberg appears right next to him holding a basketball.
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BibliOdyssey Graphic design posters by contemporary Japanese artists, hosted by Takushoku University Arts Library [link] All the images below were spliced together from screen shots. These images remain under copyright of the individual artist or their estate. BibliOdyssey
The Straight Dope - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 If you have a passion for monsters, you come to the right place. is the largest network of websites about monsters and our content focused on mythical and supernatural creatures has grown to thousands of articles, pictures and videos since we appeared in 1998. Today, we are proud to welcome every month on our network more than one million visitors from all the planet and beyond.
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Neatorama We have an auspicious occasion coming up. The Lunar New Year begins this coming Friday, January 31st. 新年快樂! Neatorama
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