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How to Really Use Social Media Marketing as a Tool For Business ... Why I Love Twitter - O'Reilly Radar. If you care what I think, you know that Twitter is just about the best way to learn what I’m paying attention to. I pass along tidbits of O’Reilly news, interesting reading from mailing lists and blogs I follow, and of course, tidbits from the twitterers I’m following. These are all the things I could never find time to put on my blog, but that I spray via email like a firehose at editors, conference planners, and researchers within O’Reilly.

A lot of my job is, as we say, “redistributing the future” – following interesting people, and passing on what I learn to others. A History of the Social Web - Trebor Scholz 'journalisms' - The First Wireless Network Norm Abramson, a passionate surfer and professor at the University of Hawaii, was keen to know what the waves were like on the other islands. Therefore he developed a radio network that would allow for communication, using a protocol telling the computers how to share the airwaves. Launched in 1970, using radio waves rather than telephone lines to network computers, ALOHANET was the first wireless network involving computers.

ALOHANET and many other small networks were later linked up to ARPANET.