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Batelers - La première chasse au trésor au prix illimité. Anti-Bank FastPay Raises Additional $25 Million to Finance Digital Advertising Receivables. By Michael Carney On June 25, 2012 No longer do digital publishers or ad-tech businesses have to wait months for payment from advertisers.

Anti-Bank FastPay Raises Additional $25 Million to Finance Digital Advertising Receivables

Technology-driven commercial finance company FastPay is an “anti-bank” in the words of its founder, formed by digital media industry insiders who understand first hand the real costs of lengthy and growth-prohibitive payment cycles. FastPay offers offers credit lines up to $5 million to content publishers, social media marketers, digital creative studios, and ad-tech businesses. After more than a year of testing and refining its business model with “a few million dollars,” the Los Angeles-based company is dramatically increasing the scale of its operation with $25 million in newly secured commercial financing.

The new funding consists of 50 percent Wells Fargo senior credit facility and 50 percent SF Capital Group subordinated debt and equity investment. “Most banks look at our clients and call them unfinanceable,” says founder and CEO Jed Simon. Raising cash in the 21st Century. My latest assignment has taken me back to London and the world of dotcom start-ups.

Raising cash in the 21st Century

In the cash-strapped UK and US economies, the quest to make cash available to small businesses and individuals is proving an interesting seedbed for start-ups. Several are harnessing the interconnected communication of the web to form mini-capital markets.

Trust and Identity for Conso Collaborative

2012 Cours Social Banking & Prêt participatif. Kickstarter-Like Crowdfunding Platform For Local Merchants Launches. The hyperlocal crowdfunding platform Lucky Ant has launched this week, giving people the opportunity to help small businesses grow in their community by raising money for things like new equipment, brand development, advertising campaigns and repairs.

Kickstarter-Like Crowdfunding Platform For Local Merchants Launches

One business is focused on each week and has seven days to reach the fundraising goal for its project. Like successful crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Lucky Ant allows people to pledge different amounts, in return for incentives offered up by the merchants like VIP treatment and other perks. However, by focusing on small local businesses (currently only in New York, but with plans to expand soon) this platform gives owners a way to build customer loyalty with members of the community, creating a model for sustaining their businesses over the long term, while also enabling them to raise capital for immediate improvements. Check out the introductory video below for more info: The new face of venture capital: The rise of crowdfunding. (Editor’s note: Kevin Lawton is a serial entrepreneur. This post originally appeared on his blog.) The venture capital world is evolving quickly — so quickly, in fact, that it can be hard to keep up with the changes. Conventional VC networks and outlier identification produce poor returns.

(This is due, in part, to financiers’ Pavlovian reaction to entrepreneurs with a diploma from a top-tier school.) As we move forward, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding will be used to augment or replace traditional methods and create the high-return VC of the future. While it’s still early in the lifespan of this investing model, the roadmap for where it needs to go is a clear one. This presentation (the first part of which can be found here) is meant to assist both Limited Partners and entrepreneurs alike and has been wrought from a life in startups and studying the business of innovation.

Are you making or losing money with marketing automation? Crowdfunding / FrontPage. Kickstarter. (Nuevas formas de hacer negocios) - Portada. Crowdfunding: Et le crowdfunding dans tout ça ? Quand le crowdsourcing permet d'externaliser la réalisation d'une tâche à un groupe indéfini d'individus, le crowdfunding offre une variante de taille : il permet son financement !

Crowdfunding: Et le crowdfunding dans tout ça ?

L'objectif est toujours le même : réduire la distance entre l'utilisateur final et le détenteur des compétences (crowdsourcing) ou des fonds (crowdfunding). La micro-finance est un bon exemple de mise en pratique du crowdfunding. Des sites tels que Kiva proposent à leurs visiteurs de financer des projets de micro-entreprises dans les pays en développement. Les banques, traditionnellement intermédiaires d'opérations de ce type, n'ont pas la possibilité de traiter des prêts de type micro-finance, de part leurs faibles montants qui ne couvrent pas les coûts administratifs.

Crowdfunding créatif. Chaordix, The Crowdsourcing Engine for Enterprises. Cameesa - Crowdfunding Fashion T-shirt Shop - cro. Thanks for joining us!

Cameesa - Crowdfunding Fashion T-shirt Shop - cro

We invite you to discover a bit of what's behind the scenes here at Zazzle. About Us First and foremost, Zazzle is a company that's all about people...our employees, our customers, our sellers and our partners. We believe that having extraordinary people is the greatest possible asset and sustainable advantage for a company. We began with an idea 10 years ago, and publicly launched our website in the summer of 2005. Our Mission Our mission is simple: "To Enable Every Custom, On-Demand Product in the World On Our Platform. " Our Technology At Zazzle, our technologies are all about turning your dreams into reality.

Crowdfunding: Quelques exemples d'applications de crowdsourcing. Plusieurs applications sur le modèle du crowdsourcing se sont développées ces dernières années.

Crowdfunding: Quelques exemples d'applications de crowdsourcing