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Barbie Dresses - Free Crochet Patterns

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1930's Barbie Crochet Evening Gown Pattern. Crochet: Barbie Little Black Dress With Handbag. Posted on January 11, 2013.

Crochet: Barbie Little Black Dress With Handbag

Blinged-Up Crochet Barbie Cocktail Dress Pattern. I've seen some pretty amazing doll clothes around Blogland, very detailed and gorgeous!

Blinged-Up Crochet Barbie Cocktail Dress Pattern

While they are inspiring, you won't see anything too involved here at Pig In Mud:@) But what I hope you will find every once in a while is a "rainy afternoon project" that you can bang out within a couple hours or even better yet, make with your daughter or granddaughter. Free Barbie Doll Crochet Dress Pattern with Shawl, Purse and Hat.

My daughter J recently was going to throw away a box of Little G's baby socks when I happened to rescue them from her.

Free Barbie Doll Crochet Dress Pattern with Shawl, Purse and Hat

When I got the box, I immediately saw crafting potential with them. For this project, I decided to make a Barbie Dress from the baby sock along with a crochet shawl type of wrap. You can find the hat and purse pattern here on blog under the Barbie Projects category. To Make The Dress: You will need one baby sock, in this case, I used a light purple one. These socks are the classic stretch knit ones. Picot Trim: Attach by single crocheting, chain 2, SC in second chain from hook, insert hook through both layers of sock about 1/8" away from your last stitch and SC, chain 2, SC in second chain from hook, insert hook through both layers of sock about 1/8" away from your last stitch...go around the entire bottom edge of the dress in this manner and then finish up by slant stitching in your first SC, fasten off and weave in your ends.

Crochet: Yellow Barbie Plarn Dress. Barbie has a pretty new yellow plarn dress.

Crochet: Yellow Barbie Plarn Dress

This crochet project is a follow-up to my red Barbie dress I made with regular yarn. I used a similar pattern style but did have to make several changes for the dress to work up correctly using recycled plastic bags as yarn. Using the bags as yarn is much more difficult than regular yarn, but I was pleased with my final version shown here. Photo is clickable to view supersized If you are new to crocheting with recycled plastic bags, here is the link on how to create plarn from those old plastic grocery sacks.

But for everyone else, here is my free yellow Barbie dress pattern. Crochet: Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Halter Dress. I finally got around to crocheting a Barbie fashion doll dress out of recycled cassette tape.

Crochet: Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Halter Dress

It’s been something that I have wanted to complete way back when I crocheted my Barbie doll purses. I had fun digging out my old Barbie doll which hasn’t had a clothes change in probably 30 years. The old girl looks pretty good for being at least 40 years old. I thought the gold boots really went well with her new halter dress too.

I also whipped up a little hat to go with her new outfit. You use just a small amount of cassette tape to crochet this outfit. Barbies Fluffy Crochet dress. Crochet Barbie Dresses For Beginners. Crochet: Barbie’s Red Dress. Does your Barbie need a new red dress?

Crochet: Barbie’s Red Dress

If so, here’s a little number I crocheted using some scrap yarn I had. I’m actually experimenting with this pattern to crochet a Barbie dress using recycled plastic bags. I wanted to test the pattern first using regular worst acrylic yarn to see how it looked as it’s easier to frog with yarn than with plarn. My first attempt with the pattern resulted in this little red dress for Barbie. The picture is clickable if you want to see an enlarge photo of the dress. Barbie’s Red Dress Pattern Materials: 1 oz. red acrylic yarn 1 small button Small amount of ribbon for waist tie Hook: “G” USA size crochet hook Ch 13.

Row 2 Ch 1, turn. Row 3 Ch 1, turn. Row 4 Ch 1, turn. Row 5 Ch 1, turn. Row 6 Ch 1, turn. Row 7 Ch 1, turn. Row 8 Ch 3, turn. Row 9 Ch 2, Sc in sm st as Sl St joining st. Row 10 *Ch 2, Hdc in Sc, Ch 2, Sc in Hdc, Ch 2*. Row 11 *Ch 2, Sc in Hdc , Ch 2, Hdc in Sc, Ch 2*. Row 12 Repeat Row 10 Row 13 Repeat Row 11 Edging: *Ch 4, Sc in next st*. Patriotic Barbie Dress-Crochet. How about a new Barbie dress for the summer holidays...

Patriotic Barbie Dress-Crochet

This cute dress whips up in no time and of course could be made in any color(s), but I love the red, white and blue! I started with this free pattern from Crochet Spot HERE and it's actually the first crochet pattern I could follow 100%. What I mean by that is, if I can do it... Any 10 year old should be able to do it:@) I even used the F hook as recommended (instead of going up a size) I did make some changes though: I used a hairband instead of rubber band and crocheted into the back loop only. I say it all the time folks, I love these funky little $1 yarns from AC Moore!