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Gigya - Make your site social

Gigya - Make your site social The tools you need to connect with consumers, harness rich data, and make marketing relevant. Establish authentic relationships with your users with technologies such as Social Login and Registration-as-a-Service that allow your users to leverage their real identities on your brand’s websites and applications.Learn More Collect and normalize permission-based identity and behavior data with products like Identity Storage to gain an unparalleled understanding of your users, while ensuring you comply with social network and data storage policies.Learn More
atomkeep — your profile everywhere

atomkeep — your profile everywhere

My top pick is Atomkeep. "My top pick is AtomKeep. This is a service that allows you to build a profile on a single site, and then pump it out to as many of the platforms that you have accounts with. It's really cool, clever and intuitive."
Press "… the (Hellotxt) app represents a nice option for social network users and delivers a few unique features of its own" - Mike Butcher "With a drawing function, partners in a network can save space by not having to quote the piece of information they're commenting on" - Curt Hopkins Twitter Hellotxt -- Organize your life online...

Hellotxt -- Organize your life online...