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Amigurumi Pattern Index. This index links to all of my patterns in an easy to find categorized way because nothing drives me more nuts than digging around a blog looking for a post that contained a pattern or something I need but is tagged obscurely or buried in a bizarre category.

Amigurumi Pattern Index

As with all of my work, these puppies are free and have very permissive terms of use. Amigurumi Patterns – TV and Anime Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1) This pattern is for Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad and requires plastic canvas to reinforce Master Shake and Frylock. Chiyo Chichi Chiyo ChiChi (Father Cat) from Azumanga Daioh Chiyo-Chichi, the short tempered cat father of Chiyo-Chan makes, no sense and this is perhaps why I love him so. Large DomoKun Domo-Kun – Large (Domokun) Domo-kun, a strange yet very polite creature that hatched from an egg, likes to rock, watch tv, hang out with an old rabbit dude and pass gas when nervous, is here for you in Amigurumi form.

Kirby. Nerdigurumi - Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns with love for the Nerdy » Dalek Amigurumi pattern by Lucy Ravenscar. These are instructions to make a classic 1970s grey and black Dalek or a bronze and gold new series Dalek. They are quite complicated, using different stitches and some difficult colour changes, so this pattern is recommended for fairly experienced amigurumi crocheters.

Materials: Use double knitting (dk) weight yarn. This is equivalent to light worsted, although worsted weight should work just fine, as long as you use the same weight of yarn throughout. For classic grey and black Dalek: Approx 35g grey yarn. Approx 20g black yarn. Doctor Who Crochet: Allons-y with 10 Free Patterns! My sister, my daughter, my friends – Doctor Who fanatics are everywhere, and it’s a fandom that’s growing every year.

Doctor Who Crochet: Allons-y with 10 Free Patterns!

I’ll admit I’ve watched rather a few episodes myself. This BBC show has been on (and off… and on) since 1963, and appeals to children and adults alike. So of course, there’s plenty of Doctor Who crochet out there! Today I’ve gathered 10 of the best free Doctor Who crochet patterns out there in one place – try not to squeal too loudly! Mini Doctor Whos by Nyss Parkes, a Ravelry download: Patterns for the basic body and embellishments to make all eleven Doctors are included! Ood Ski Mask Crochet Pattern by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert, a Ravelry Download: We must feed… you, if you are hungry. I’m so sorry, but that’s the end of this roundup. Fierce Little Dragon pattern by Lucy Ravenscar.

This pattern is an update of my ‘fierce but friendly really’ dragon pattern.

Fierce Little Dragon pattern by Lucy Ravenscar

I’ve made a few minor changes, in particular the wings are stiffer now, and I’ve written it out in a longer form that should be easier to follow. If you still want to use the old version of the pattern you can find it here: Materials: Approx 35g double knitting weight yarn, of whichever colour or colours you wish to use for your dragon. Small amount of cream/beige yarn to sew claws. Stuffing. 1 pair 7.5 mm safety eyes or beads of a similar size for eyes (or you can embroider the eyes, so a small amount of yarn to do that). Finished size: approximately 28cm/11” nose to tip of tail, 20cm/8” wingspan. This pattern has been translated into Spanish by Ana. It has also been translated into French and German and the PDF can be downloaded using the link above. Tiny Cthulhu! Free Pattern. Here is the pattern for the Tiny Cthulhu that I sent off to Australia.

Tiny Cthulhu! Free Pattern

As always, if you have any questions about the pattern or notice any problems with it please contact me through the comments section. I love to see pictures of the things people make with my patterns so if you make a Tiny Cthulhu and post it online, send me a link. *New: Are you looking for the Baby Cthulhu with legs? Read here. How to Crochet a Yip Yip Alien: 17 Steps. Gromit Amigurumi Pattern » Ami Amour. Gromit Amigurumi pattern is copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Gromit Amigurumi Pattern » Ami Amour

This pattern is for personal use only. Feel free to make this for yourself or to give as gifts to people. However any sale, reproduction, or distribution of the pattern and or dolls created from the pattern without permission is strictly prohibited. SKILL LEVEL: EasyCROCHET HOOK: Size H-8 (5 mm)YARN: Red Heart Super Saver #334 Buff #365 Coffee #312 Black NOTIONS: Polyester Fiberfill Black and White Felt Yarn Needle Felt Glue APPROXIMATE SIZE: 17 inches tall from head to toe. Wanna make a monster?

* UPDATE to this pattern!

Wanna make a monster?

See below! * Time for another tutorial! I made this lineup of baby monsters for my Basic Amigurumi class at The Knitting Nest. I think they're a pretty good beginner project because it teaches how to start crochet in the round, how to single crochet, how to increase, and basic construction and customization of amigurumi. Hook and Needles: Knitting and Crochet Blog (cool stuff, techniques, and things I find) With Halloween fast approaching, I needed a subtle costume for me, and my faithful canine sidekick Raffi.

Hook and Needles: Knitting and Crochet Blog (cool stuff, techniques, and things I find)

I’m really into Futurama at the moment, so I figured demure matching Brain Slugs would do the trick. Brain slugs are space parasites that stick to your head and control your every action. If you suspect a brain slug infestation is in the works, switch to a garlic shampoo. Futurama's Brain Slugs.