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Comic Creating Community. TAGS. Education Technology. These are the world’s “most creative” countries. Commuting is generally not an experience to be relished.

These are the world’s “most creative” countries

The hours lost in a useless limbo traveling to the workplace and back, day in, day out, are not generally ones that are well-spent or enjoyable. In the past, my family and I have moved towns in part because the commute was getting us all down. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Google Drive De-Mystified. Once you've gotten the lay of the land in Google Drive, go back to your practice documents and experiment with add-ons for Docs, Sheets, Forms and Drive.

Google Drive De-Mystified

Add-ons are usually created by third-party developers to layer additional functionality onto Google Apps. The Up-Goer Five Text Editor. Pixelate - Blur - Anonymize. Make a Comic. Tutorials - Comic Creation with Google Tools. Here is an overview of the basic steps for making a single frame comic as a Google Drawing.

Tutorials - Comic Creation with Google Tools

It starts by showing how to import the image from a device using the Google Drive app. Instead of using Drawings, I usually just show how to build multiple frames in Slides now when I teach others about this process. The comic tools are the same, but the advantage is that the newly updated Slides app now lets you import directly into the presentation using only a couple taps: First, use a computer or the device to create a new Slides presentation. On a blank slide, click the + sign and select Image. Choose to get the image From Photos or From Camera. Here's an overview of making the comic frames from pictures shared by the teacher. Schools lament shortcomings of Apple's iPad as some opt instead for Chromebooks. By Sam Oliver Even as Apple's education sales boom, some schools have begun to transition students and classrooms away from the iPad in favor of laptops — including Google's cheap cloud-based Chromebooks — as weaknesses have begun to emerge with the tablet form factor.

Schools lament shortcomings of Apple's iPad as some opt instead for Chromebooks

How to Accept Guest Posts Without Allowing Dashboard Access. It’s a pretty common occurrence nowadays to set up a WordPress site with multiple authors.

How to Accept Guest Posts Without Allowing Dashboard Access

These authors contribute posts on a regular schedule, adding value and diversity to sites all across the web in every industry. Typically, these authors are assigned a role by the admin and given a username and password to access the dashboard. Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles. Happy happy joy joy. How To Create Doodle Videos For Language Teaching. Did you know that Doodle Videos can be a great way to teach languages?

How To Create Doodle Videos For Language Teaching

We don’t learn a language only by reading, or only by listening. Learning a language is a multi-sensory process. Looking at a text or listening alone is not enough. We need to listen, speak, read, write and observe in order to acquire a new language. Writing on surfaces in learning spaces. Etherpad. StoryNexus. CALL@Hull: Media repositories. MachinEVO 2013. Humanizing Online Learning with VoiceThread. It’s really time to put the age old arguments about online classes being dull, cold, and alienating to bed and accept that these problems are only effects of the choices made by those who design, develop, and teach the course.

Humanizing Online Learning with VoiceThread

Making Learning Collaborative. Image Plagiarism – Track Duplicate Images Using Google. Whether you are a photographer, a graphic designer, an internet marketer or a personal hobby blogger, you would probably won’t like someone stealing your copyright images without any due permission and credit!

Image Plagiarism – Track Duplicate Images Using Google

Right? And if you are curious (or concerned enough, i must say) to know who is making an unauthorized use of your copyright images online, then you are at the right post, at the right time ;) For bloggers who actively accept guest articles, detecting image plagiarism is even more important – you don’t know, you might end up receiving a DMCA notice from the actual copyright holder the very next day! Therefore to avoid any trouble, for guest bloggers who proudly claim that they are the actual copyright holder of the attached images, it is very important for you to check how genuine their claim is! First of all, switch to Google Images. Click on that camera icon and upload your copyright photo (either directly from your hard drive Or paste the URL of the image file) Démarrer. Create Ebooks - Papyrus Editor.

JISC Advance. Elgan: How I publish from Google+ Chromebooks Gaining Popularity in Schools. Rajen Sheth noted in his Jan. 25th FETC keynote that Google’s Chromebooks are rapidly gaining momentum in the schools of the nation.

Chromebooks Gaining Popularity in Schools

In fact, he relayed that hundreds of schools in 41 states across the US are using one or more classroom sets of Chromebooks to educate students. Understanding the Minor Differences Between Google Drive and Dropbox. While perusing the headlines and posts detailing today's release of Google Drive, Google's cloud-based storage service, many compare the service the another popular cloud storage service, Dropbox.

Understanding the Minor Differences Between Google Drive and Dropbox

Google drive "will present a big threat to dropbox" writes Gizmodo's Leslie Horn contradicting The Next Web's headline "Don't Call it a Dropbox Killer. " All that death talk is just punditry. Cloud storage technology probably can't kill, anyway. But, Drive provides an alternative, even providing some things Dropbox does not. Next Big Sound. CC Search. Copyright, Plagiarism, and Digital Literacy (by Sue Lyon-Jones. Image credit: PugnoM on Flickr Copyright is a pretty a hot topic in the ELT world at the moment, and many people are discussing it and blogging about it. The law that applies to using lesson materials or blog posts written by other people is complicated, and teachers often find the various issues surrounding copyright confusing.

This post sets out to explain some of the main aspects of the law relating to copyright and fair use as it applies to uploading, sharing and remixing materials for educational use, and seeks to provide guidelines for good practice in acknowledging, referencing and attributing online sources. What is copyright? The LMS as a mixing panel for social learning. Photo by Sergiu Bacioiu, cc licensed on Flickr (This post is cross-posted from a guest blog post I wrote for Hazel Owen at Ethos Consultancy NZ community site) I have a hard truth to share with you.

TAGSExplorer: Interactive archive of twitter conversations from a Google Spreadsheet for. 50 new tech tools you should know about.  Les Courts Métrages. 9 web 2.0 sites to publish student work. Interactive media resources. Present knowledge in different and (if you do it right) compelling ways engage active participation by the entire class instead of broadcasting to it like a passive audience This Mindmeister mindmap lists collaboration and interaction tools. Storify Drag and drop elements from Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, blogs to create a story that you can Tweet, blog, embed. LdShake. Organising your learning. Creating Infographics with Students