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Creating a YUI TabView Style Theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer Control. I was browsing the YUI documentation and I came across a very nice looking tab control.

Creating a YUI TabView Style Theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer Control

I thought it would be interesting to create a similar styled theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer control. I don't mind the default XP-themed TabContainer, but I think the XP style tab's are getting a little bit dated. I had not previously created a theme for a TabContainer, so I had no idea what to expect. It turns out it was very easy to do. Below are the steps I followed ... Live Demo | Download Code [Update 10/1/2007] : Updated CSS so it would work with IE6 Check out here for additional TabContainer theme Check out here for an XP without the roll-over flicker Read the 'Tab Theming' Section of the TabContainer's Documentation. LinkedIn Style Themes for the AjaxControlToolkit Tab Container ControlMatt Berseth «

Posted on February 27, 2008 Here are a couple more themes for the AjaxControlToolkit’s Tab control based on the tabs found on

LinkedIn Style Themes for the AjaxControlToolkit Tab Container ControlMatt Berseth «

Below the screen shots are a few bullet points discussing how I created them. If tab theming is new for you – it might be helpful to check out these other samples as well … As usual, here are the links for the demo and download … Live Demo (IE6, IE7, FF, Opera 9.26) | Download (.Net 3.5 and AJCT 3.5.11119.0) Tab Header Images Different images are used all three tab states: {Default, Hover, Active}. Shifting the Tab Header to the Right The Toolkit’s demo page for the Tab control has the tab header left aligned. Can I Apply Different Background Images to Different Headers? The LinkedIn page has different header images applied to different tabs within the same container. I was hoping the CssClass attribute on the TabPanel class could be used to accomplish this (highlighted in the screen shot below), but it looks like this attribute is never rendered.

6 Tips for Working with the ASP.NET AJAX Accordion Control. 6 Tips for Working with the ASP.NET AJAX Accordion Control As given in the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit documentation “The Accordion is a web control that allows you to provide multiple panes and display them one at a time.

6 Tips for Working with the ASP.NET AJAX Accordion Control

It is like having several CollapsiblePanels where only one can be expanded at a time.” Here are some tips that could help you out in your projects while dealing with Accordion Control. Before we start, the Accordion control on which we are applying these tips looks similar to the following: <title>Accordion Tips and Tricks</title> Télécharger JavaScript Obfuscator. JavaScript Obfuscator est un programme spécialement conçu pour protéger les codes JavaScript.

Télécharger JavaScript Obfuscator

Sa compatibilité permet aussi de travailler avec les codes CSS. D'autres formats de fichier sont aussi lisibles et on peut ouvrir certains par défaut après paramétrage. Principales fonctionnalités. - Protection : JavaScript Obfuscator, comme son nom l'indique, permet de convertir les codes incompréhensibles pour l'homme, mais reconnu par n'importe quel navigateur. Il est possible de travailler avec les formats de fichier suivants : JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion files et bien d'autres encore. Newsletter in ASP.NET - How To Create It. This tutorial intend to teach you how to create newsletter and send mass e-mails in ASP.Net.

Newsletter in ASP.NET - How To Create It

Because we will not send a spam e-mails to everyone, we need a registration form, so web site visitors can register to receive newsletter. First, we're going to see how to send a confirmation email, when somebody registers in a website. This is very common, suppose you want to register a new account on some online service. If you go to the registration form and fill in all the necessary data, once you submit the form, you will most probably receive an email from the company with a message saying welcome to the site, or having your personal informations such as your username, password, name, etc... This tutorial will show only basics about how to send an e-mail. So to do start this Newsletter project, open up visual studio 2005, and create a new project there. Note, you can download complete Newsletter Visual Studio project, used in this tutorial. So, call your project "Mass_Newsletter".

Web Development Resources. Web Forms. La communauté .NET francophone ! Le tutorial (petit à petit...:) Introduction à la plateforme .NET et ASP.NET, Tutoriel N°1045, Introduction C & C++ ont été les langages choisis pour le développement d'applications commerciales et critiques.

Introduction à la plateforme .NET et ASP.NET, Tutoriel N°1045,

Ces langages grandement choisis par les développeurs, ils offrent un degré de contrôle précis et une utilisation de fonctions systèmes de bas niveau. Cependant, ils prennent un plus de temps pour le développement d'applications. La communauté du développeur avait besoin d'un langage universel qui rassemble la puissance des deux derniers langages (C/C++), ce langage doit aider au développement rapide d'applications (RAD), mais aussi avec une grande précision du contrôle et qui s'intègre le mieux dans le domaine du développement de nouvelles technologies telles que le Web et XML.

La facilitation d'échange pour les programmeurs C/C++, tant qu'il offre la facilité d'appréhender ce langage; sont les deux bénéfices du ce nouveau langage le C#.