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The 10 best Minecraft mods. Last year we named Minecraft our game of the year .

The 10 best Minecraft mods

The blocky world might already be the ultimate sandbox, can it get any better? Yes it can, because we're here to give you a rundown of the most interesting and useful mods to expand your experience. Yes - we have featured werewolves and airships. 1. Mo' Creatures One of the most popular mods available; Mo' Creatures does exactly what you'd expect, add a ton more creatures to the minecraft ecosystem including dolphins, sharks and werewolves (Oh my!). 2. It's pretty easy to get lost in Minecraft, and some of us like it that way, but for others it can be somewhat frustrating. 3. Minecraft's multiplayer command list gives you a whole variety of abilities to command your world, it takes the challenge out of the game, but nonetheless is a lot of fun. 4. Risugami is a very prolific modder, and thankfully collects everything here for easy downloads. 5. This is a truly lovely idea for a mod. 6. Diagonal lines?! 7. 8. 9. 10.

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