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Wireframes vs. Prototypes: What's the Difference? A wireframe is not the same as a prototype but even seasoned design professionals can sometimes get the two terms mixed up.

Wireframes vs. Prototypes: What's the Difference?

It’s time to set things straight once and for all, since (semantics aside) the difference between a wireframe and a prototype is actually quite substantial. Editor’s note: This is an article by Marcin Treder, CEO of UXPin. Wireframe A wireframe is a low-fidelity representation of a product’s design. UI & Wireframe Sketches for your Inspiration. 284 shares 11 Inspiring Typography Focused Web Designs We all know that typography is a very important element of a good design.

UI & Wireframe Sketches for your Inspiration

Quick Introduction to Moqups - Moqups. Redirecting... Useful Web Apps For Prototyping and Wireframing. Being able to create rapid prototypes or wireframes of web and mobile apps is crucial for improving efficiency and essentially the end product.

Useful Web Apps For Prototyping and Wireframing

Creating wireframes or prototypes will allow you to discuss and amend various different versions of the the project in deeper details with clients, designers and developers without the need to invest hours of staff time creating endless pixel perfect mockups. Wireframing tools will allow you to create initial mockups of your website or app, this will allow you to quickly create many different variations of the skeleton layout. By doing this you can decide which concept will work best for your requirements, this method has the added bonus of saving countless hours creating various Photoshop mockups. Prototyping is a little further down the build line compared to wireframing, with prototyping it is common to create a rough working concept of the final wireframe creation. Flash graph editor/viewer component. iPlotz: wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications.

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