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Cori Vas

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My first works in Photoshop. Hi Stephanie,Thanks for the link.

My first works in Photoshop

So about a month ago I was online looking for some drawing tutorials. I was looking to brush up on my pencil and paper skills and even learn some dry brushing. The Eye. MJ (#2) Kate Beckinsale - Face (#3) Diane Kruger (#4) Henry Cavil - Hoodie (#5) Grey's Anatomy Dude (#6) Lilinoe. Nutrioli1. Kristen and Robert (#8) Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson (#8) OMG!

Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson (#8)

I can only imagine what YOUR checklists look like. After all the things you've shown me this month, my gosh, it takes me a lot longer now for me to say, "OK this one's done". I look at every little thing with the magnifier up close and really go over 'everything' looking for flaws. Kate Beckinsale (#14) Kate Beckinsale (#14) Alicia Keys (#15) Alicia Keys - My first color painting (#15) +Stephanie Valentin Thank you Stephanie!

This is my 15th painting in photoshop, my first attempt at color painting. – corivas

:) As you know this is my first attempt in color.

Alicia Keys - My first color painting (#15)

I don't know why, but the whole color concept has been elusive to me and only served to confuse me. But you and everyone here have really done a great thing for me by your works that have inspired me to give it a try. Just before I began this painting I rewatched your Halle Berry and Jessica Alba Videos just to get me pumped up for this. George Clooney (#16) George Clooney - color painting #2 (#16) Bird of Paradise - Nude #2 (#11) Crouching Female in Corridor (#12) Crouching Female in Corridor-Nude #3 (#12) Male Dancer 1 (#13) Male Dancer 1 (#13) Artistic Nude Projection (#17) Artistic Nude Projection - color painting #3 (#17) Headless Nude (#18) Headless Nude (#18)