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Corée du Nord - North Korea

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Maurice Gourdault-Montagne. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Maurice Gourdault-Montagne

Maurice Gourdault-Montagne (2012) Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, né le , est un diplomate de carrière. Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Regime activity limited and conservative in December. Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, made only 14 public appearances in the month of December 2013, the third lowest for the year.

Regime activity limited and conservative in December

The reduced number of public appearances is likely a result of Kim and his close associates spending more time in Pyongyang consolidating power in the wake of the purge of Kim’s uncle, Jang Song Taek. In December, North Korean state media frequently reported on the accomplishments of and praise given to Kim and his father and grandfather. Visits of military and political nature dominated the leadership’s appearances this month while rhetoric also frequently promoted the Songun (“Military First”) policy and the construction of a great nation. The obvious focal points of the North Korean leadership’s activity in December were the purge and execution of the regime’s former number two official Jang Song Taek – and his associates – and the memorial services marking the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death.

Jang Su Gil: Deputy department director in WPK. Revealed: Pyongyang’s new Central Bank headquarters. UPDATE (September 24, 2013): Tourist video recorded in Pyongyang this month reveals that the exterior of the central bank appears to be completed.

Revealed: Pyongyang’s new Central Bank headquarters

ORIGINAL POST (July 3, 2013): Several sources have revealed to NK News that the DPRK is building a new headquarters for the Central Bank in Pyongyang.

North Korean society

North Korea watchers - Corée du Nord. Corée du Nord : Google Maps révèle des images des goulags. Les goulags de la Corée du Nord clairement identifiables sur une carte Google Maps.

Corée du Nord : Google Maps révèle des images des goulags

Le site a publié, mardi, de nouvelles images du pays faisant apparaître ces camps d'internement du régime communiste, ainsi qu'un site de recherche nucléaire, pomme de discorde entre Pyongyang et la communauté internationale. "Pendant longtemps, la Corée du Nord est demeurée l'une des plus vastes zones dotées de données cartographiques limitées. Aujourd'hui nous y remédions", a déclaré sur son blog Jayanth Mysore, un responsable de Google Map Maker. La carte du pays sur Google Maps est composée à partir du service Google Map Maker grâce à des contributions d'internautes, un peu sur le modèle de l'encyclopédie en ligne Wikipedia, essentiellement sur la foi d'images satellite. Cette nouvelle carte présente, à 100 km au nord-est de Pyongyang par exemple, le camp (kwan-li-so) N°18 identifié comme "goulag". 007 – Les stylos empoisonnés que les Nord-Coréens utilisent pour assassiner leurs ennemis du Sud.

James Bond n'a pas le monopole des gadgets.

007 – Les stylos empoisonnés que les Nord-Coréens utilisent pour assassiner leurs ennemis du Sud

Les Nords-Coréens sont même de sérieux concurrents, selon les récentes révélations de leurs voisins du Sud. L'année dernière, un assassin nord-coréen infiltré en Corée du Sud depuis dix-sept ans a été arrêté à Séoul, alors qu'il était sur le point d'éliminer l'activiste Park Sanghak, une des cibles numéro un du régime de Kim Jong-un depuis plusieurs années. M. “Of course the Americans Started the War,” or what I learned in NK (2) North Korea's Military parade in Slow Motion. North Korean Failure. Dear Members and Friends, North Korea officially launched their three stage long-range missile yesterday at 7:39am, 6:39pm eastern daylight time in the United States.

North Korean Failure

Luxuries Flow Into North Korea. North Korea’s Other Weapons Threat. International attention is usually focused on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea’s Other Weapons Threat

But Pyongyang’s growing chemical and biological weapons capabilities are worrying Seoul. North Korea’s latent nuclear weapons program is rightfully the main point of concern for its neighbors and the international community. But far less publicized is Pyongyang’s ongoing efforts to build upon its capabilities to produce and maintain chemical and biological weapons (CBW).

North Korean foreign policy

2011-04-07 North Korea May be Plotting New Strikes, U.S. General Says. PrintShareEmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn The commander of U.S. troops in South Korea on Wednesday said North Korea could be plotting to carry out new hostilities, Reuters reported (see GSN, April 6).

2011-04-07 North Korea May be Plotting New Strikes, U.S. General Says

"I do worry that there are additional attacks and provocations that are being considered within North Korea," Gen. Walter Sharp said at a Capitol Hill hearing. Pyongyang is believed to be behind the March 2010 sinking of a South Korean warship and the November shelling of the South's Yeongpyong Island. The two incidents killed 50 people.

Yonpyong shelling

North Korea missiles. Seoul Arrests Alleged N. Korean Spy. North Korea & all sort of nuclear issues. Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong Il's succession. Re-igniting the Cold War in Asia. Author: Hyung-A Kim, ANU More than 100 days after the sinking in March of the South Korean navy corvette, the Cheonan, with the loss of 46 lives, the UN Security Council presidential statement of 9 July epitomises the impasse that the global response to this incident has now reached.

Re-igniting the Cold War in Asia

The statement did not directly condemn or blame North Korea but simply stated that it ‘condemns the attack which led to the sinking of the Cheonan’, and called for ‘appropriate and peaceful measures to be taken against those responsible for the incident’. Yet, while the UN Security Council took more than a month to adopt this statement, the sinking has become the catalyst for some significant developments in Northeast Asia, reminiscent of the Cold War posturing of the past.

These developments include: